Project Homes: Appreciating Values With Interior and Exterior Decor

Homes and housing are a constant need in today’s society, even though more people are selling and buying houses today. In Sydney, the government recorded the highest housing commencements (about 42,000) in 2018-2019. One significant aspect of this process is the project homes in Sydney.

Project home is a single or group of houses from a renowned company. They represent the ideal home aesthetic and are always in demand. But what makes them so pleasing? One significant factor is the decor and layout. They usually feature the latest decor and have prime characteristics like patios or skylights. The allure is undeniable and attainable. As such, people can effortlessly get their homes to look like project homes and enjoy the aesthetic for themselves.

How to Decorate and Renovate

While some people make small changes, some homeowners rebuild their homes. Big or small, people can make the necessary changes to make their homes look like project homes.

  • Blurring the Inside and Outside

One primary feature to look for in a project home is a room that seamlessly transforms from the interior to the exterior. These rooms are generally at the back, and these deck-rooms usually have double glazed sliding doors or french windows, adding to the seamless transition. As such, homeowners can leave the doors open and enjoy the extra space during the day.

  • The Art Wall

A statement wall is nothing new, but the art wall takes it to the next level. An art wall usually has an entire fresco or painting on its surface and introduces a unique element into the room. Some homeowners use their art walls to feature landscapes of nature, places from other countries, or create an effect, like a jungle background, ocean background, etc. There are no creative limits to an art wall, and they add sophistication and allure to the interiors.

  • Adding Spaces

Another intriguing aspect of project homes in Sydney is that some of them come with additional exterior space. These spaces could include garages, gondolas, gardens, etc. These spaces are convenient, and homeowners can also remodel or renovate them later into something else. And if people have the extra exterior space, they can consider installing some structures, like a canopy, where they can spend time outdoors.

  • Smoothen the Edges

The past few years, people saw straight-cut and sharp designs flooding the market, as they were in trend. But they are now giving way to smoother and rounded designs. Room contours are also becoming softer and more dynamic with curved spaces and arched doorways. These curved designs effortlessly add a unique charm to any space with their novelty. People can also incorporate rounded furniture to fit into the room while elevating the curved aesthetic.

  • The Colour

Colour is everything when it comes to aesthetics in a home. Colour trends also change along with design trends, and they may not necessarily influence each other. Meanwhile, today’s colour trends are influenced by various sources, primarily nature and the 70s. Natural colours come in a vast spectrum, and introducing these colours brightens the room. The 70s’ colours consist of bold tones but with understated elegance. They marry well into natural tones, and people can opt for a two-tone colour palette for their home, while this palette gives off an erudite vibe.

Statisticians predict there will be 150,00 more homes in Sydney in another five years. As such, the constant need for housing in Sydney’s neighbourhoods calls for more project homes in Sydney. One of the central hubs of Australia with an ever-expanding population, people can effortlessly find an array of housing options in Sydney to suit their aesthetics from one of several project builders.

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