What Is White Label Link Building?

Link building is not an isolated process that can be done independently without content promotion. Link promotion and content promotion go hand-in-hand and that is how it works. To tell more clearly, link building without content promotion, and content promotion without link building do not serve any good. So, as you proceed with your link building strategy, it is important that you create a great content strategy as well. Get to know about link building through content promotion here.

Create Platform-relevant Content

In link building, content relevancy plays a major role. Apart from creating context-relevant content, you should create platform-specific content keeping in view the nature and audience of the platforms. Generally speaking, it is understandable that YouTube is not an ideal platform for publishing text articles but is primarily meant for publishing and promoting video content. But in a closer view, each platform though falling in the same category such as the article submission platform is different from the others in the same category. So, platform-relevant content is as important as context-relevant content. Check the best link building services, Australia here.

Create a Practical Content Calendar

Create a content calendar that is practical and implementable rather than creating one that is insufficient for content outreach, and one that is impractical to implement with a heavy burden of work.

Prepare your URL Links Portfolio

Make a list of URL links with their specific promotional objectives and create content sets with their list of articles that will include a specific set of URLs relevant to the topics, subjects of discussion, purposes of promotion, relevancy of backlinked web pages, and keywords strategy among others.

Prioritize your URLs & Anchor Texts

You should prioritize the list of URLs and anchor texts based on their strategic values and accordingly use them in your link building and content promotion activities. The importance of your web page URLs may vary accordingly as primary and secondary products, highly selling and poorly selling product categories, high value and low value target audience, new and existing products, etc. To get the best consulting on these promotional services, check out with the leading Link Building agency Australia wide

Create a Tactical URL Links Strategy

You will need a tactical URL links strategy especially when you are engaged in funnel marketing activities. In funnel marketing, usually at the top of the funnel you will try to attract the potential audience to your website home page, product pages and blog. As you nurture your audience and take them to the bottom of the funnel, you will let them check out your case studies and ROI calculator for a comprehensive understanding of your products in order to make them take an informed decision and become your buying customers. So, you need a tactical URL links strategy for different levels of engagement with your target audience and to achieve varying levels of marketing goals.



As content plays an instrumental role in link building activities, you have to consciously create content that helps you attract customers to your website according to your strategic advantages.

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