Pros and Cons of being a data scientist

Data Scientist is a specialist in processing, analyzing and storing large amounts of data, the so-called “Big Data”. The main task of the Data Scientist is the ability to extract the necessary information from a wide variety of sources, using information flows in real time; identify hidden patterns in data sets and statistically analyze them to make smart decisions in the business sphere.

Pros of data science

The basic benefits of data science are numerous, and that’s why this profession is so attractive. They should be learned in details before making decision.

In demand

The demand for specialists is growing rapidly. In direct proportion to this, wages are also growing, which also depends on the skills of a specialist. Data Scientist is the most sought-after profession on the market at the moment. Data Science course includes collecting, storing and processing data, as well as finding data that will be useful for a specific task. Not all data can be stored and processed in the same way – some data require a special approach due to its size or unique type. Figuring out how to approach them is also a task for a data scientist. You can get sufficient practical experience by doing projects like Credit Card Fraud Detection, Recommendation system, and many other projects by taking up this Data Science Online Course.

Multiple job designations

The easiest way to become a Data Scientist is if you have previously been in development or analytics. Programmers, web analysts, product managers can retrain into data analysts, and accountants and marketers can become BI analysts. There is more info about Data Analyst vs Data Engineer vs Data Scientist.

A highly paid career

The job pays well even in the early stages. It is quite possible to count on a salary of $ 800 or more. In general, there are several qualities that are useful to a data scientist in their profession. Their list includes perseverance, thinking outside the box, a mathematical mindset, and attention to detail.

But at the same time, talent and passion for mathematics are not the main guarantee of success. Data Scientist is a profession for motivated people who are ready to face difficulties in their work and will not give up halfway through what they have started.

Depending on the specialization, knowledge of spreadsheets and data access and processing tools (DBMS, data warehouse, SQL, ETL), as well as Power BI, Tableau, OLAP tools and mining is also required. 

Cons of data science

There are some cons, which are rather important in case of choice of future profession.

Vague job role

You need to constantly learn, follow the innovations and technologies. Study is compulsory for this profession. Moreover, you need to study a lot, long and thoroughly. First you need to лтщц еру computer science, and then learn programming languages. Professionals recommend to start with Python.


A specialist often faces a problem that cannot be solved by traditional and already known methods, so he often has to develop something new in order to achieve a satisfactory result.

Wide knowledge

Data Scientist is a lifelong learning profession. Even if you are already working, it is imperative to periodically raise your level. In addition, the choice is wide enough – these are online courses, trainings, and conferences.

Pros and Cons of being a data scientist


The pros and cons of data science would help to make the right choice.  Also there are numerous job roles in Data Science.

This is a difficult profession and it is not suitable for everyone. But those who are still interested should know how current specialists respond about this work:

  • Every time you have to be creative when interacting with data. Each task is special and you need to choose an original key for it.
  • This position has enormous potential. All programs, codes and algorithms help to quickly solve complex business problems using Big Data. And you don’t need to hire a lot of workers to do this.
  • The main thing in this profession is that you cannot stop learning Data Science.  Always look for something new. Every change in the industry can affect the way we work.
  • You need to be able to talk not only with professionals, but also with ordinary people who are not so familiar with technical terms. Therefore, learn to express yourself in simple language.

Data Scientist work is an ongoing process, as data is constantly updated and new information is added.

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