Quad Bikes, Motorbikes & Cars: Major Differences

There are many forms of transport and in this short article, we examine 3 commonly found vehicles and look at the major differences. Of course, some differences are rather obvious; a motorcycle has 2 wheels, while a quad and car have 4; a car is the only vehicle to offer complete protection.

Let’s look at each form of transport:

  • Motorcycle – They have been around for many years and as you would expect, today’s superbike is indeed a master of precision engineering. Delivering 120+hp, a 1000cc sports bike is a beast of a machine. Motorcycles start at 50cc, going right up to over 1300cc, and this is a very popular summer transport for guys and girls. Touring offers much and bike enthusiasts eagerly follow the MotoGP. There’s nothing like packing your camping gear and heading off on your big bike to enjoy the countryside, which is great for those long weekends.
  • Quad – Also known as an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), the quad is a four-wheeled vehicle that can be ridden for recreation or used as a workhorse. The good news is that there are reputable UK quad bike shops you can go to for this type of vehicle. For those living outside the UK, an online search would bring you to a quad dealership near you. You might prefer a used quad until you become a proficient rider, then you can upgrade to a new 1000cc machine for the ultimate riding experience. A beginner’s quad would be a 500cc machine, which is more than enough power. When you gain skills, you can upgrade to a 1 litre beast where the real power is!
  • Car – There are many differences between a car and the other aforementioned vehicles. Cars are extremely practical, offering climate control and comfort. The family car is a vital component, while others drive for a living and the range of designs offers plenty of choices. In no way can a car be compared with a quad or a motorbike; each has its own unique properties. There’s a lot of competition in the SUV and saloon car markets, with all the manufacturers vying for your money, while the luxury car market is stunning, if you afford to drop £50k on a car.

Quad Riding

There are many quad riding parks where you can test your skills on challenging trails and they have trails for every skill level from novice to advanced. If you can ride a motorcycle, you’ll be fine on a quad and if you have a full car driving licence, you can ride a street legal quad on the roads.

Protective Clothing

If you plan of experience quad riding, you need the right gear, starting with a quality crash helmet to protect your head. Some riders prefer open face and goggles, while there are brands designed for off-road use. You need to wear a thick jacket, preferably leather and some tough pants to protect your legs, while wearing motorcycle boots will protect your ankles. Gloves complete the outfit and you can obtain everything at the quad dealership, where they stock top brands.

It takes a little time to get used to riding a quad. It’s a different experience to two wheels and you need to shift your body weight when cornering.

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