Qualities of a Good Curtain fabric

The most significant characteristics of your drapes are not color and design. Details like pleat shape and decorations will have a far smaller impact on your home’s overall look – and how delighted you are with your shadings curtains – than the sort of material you pick. We’ve broken down a few things regarding curtain fabric to help you recognize the best among them.

Below are the qualities of a good curtain fabric;

Resistant to Wear and Tear

Durability is always a factor to consider, particularly in family houses. The stronger the fabric, the more activity, and exposure your window coverings will get. Sun damage and color fading are common problems with silk curtains. Silk panels will not retain their brilliance throughout the life of your house, no matter how carefully you care for them.

100% linen or linen combined with rayon is the finest choice. These are significantly more robust materials that don’t wrinkle or fade as easily as other materials.


Because of their weight, some materials block out more light than others. Velvet is a heavy-weight fabric that has been around for a long time. While velvet curtain panels may appeal to you for that reason, this fabric is designed to be used as upholstery fabric. Chenille is the same way; it’s just too thick for drapery.

So, what are your options? Fabrics in the light to medium weight range may effectively hide natural light while keeping a billowy movement.


You want your drapes, like any other investment piece in your house, to last as long as you do. While sellers hope that homeowners will buy new draperies every year, the fact is that you only need to pull the trigger once and never look back if you buy from only manufacturers of high-quality curtains that will survive the test of time.

Easy to hang

The style of your curtains and drapes is determined by how effectively they hang from where they are mounted. Your window coverings may not keep their form if the cloth is too light. Consider a cloth with a lot of texture. It’s easy to have uneven folding and leave your space appearing sloppy and incomplete.

Of course, measuring your windows for drapery and hardware will ultimately decide how the drapes hang; too long, and they’ll pool unattractively on the ground. However, after those basic measurements are taken, the flow of your draperies is mostly determined by the cloth itself.

Cotton is a safe bet once again. It’s a sturdy material that appears soft and flowing on your windows. You may also choose a fully synthetic cloth, which is both inexpensive and long-lasting.

A linen or linen mix is the finest option for a more natural appearance. Linen provides the ideal blend of billowy and fitted, making it the ideal fabric for both classic and modern curtains.


No matter what style you love, never settle for low quality just because you love the pattern. Always choose the fabric before considering the color.

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