Quality inexpensive printers

We live in a digital world, but every once in a while we still have to put things down on paper. Whether it is a research paper for your professor, directions for your parents or new brochures.

Quality of  printers

Of course, the quality of a printer can vary greatly depending on your needs and the model you purchased.
In this case, however, you don’t always get what you pay for, and you don’t always get a quality printer for a little bit of cash or end up with an expensive piece of junk. Today’s printing (and scanning) needs are going to focus on printers and scanners in the lower end of costs. In this authors view, people buy printers at points primarily. The first one is when they are already buying a computer set up; the second is when theirs dies an ugly death in a true Murphy’s law fashion. Either way you are unlikely to be flush with cash in your “spare electronics” fund.

Quality inexpensive printers

Budget of  Printers

For now, the budget cut off will be $50. Aside from the reason I gave above, I chose that cut off point because this is an amount of money that the average consumer could take out of their wallet without having to forgo paying the heating or air conditioning bills that month.
This low cut off does exclude a great number of models that are marketed towards business, and almost all of the ones sold by specialty electronics retailers, but it is more egalitarian, and printers are really one of those items where you are taking a leap of faith with the maker of the device, rather than its reseller.

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Tax rate of Printers

The prices I will give you are pre-tax costs. Your tax rate will vary depending on where you live. The costs also do not factor in buying your ink. Some printers come with a free or trial cartridge, but you should read carefully.
To save you from having to sift through printers that are wrong for your needs, the list will be broken up into the best models for certain types of end users. Just find the one most similar to your style of use and you can sort through only printers relevant to your needs. To help you earn a little bit of money if you have some unused toner cartridges you can sell them to an online toner buyer.

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