Quick tricks on how to choose healthy snacks

Probably every mother of a small child has encountered a situation where the baby suddenly has an appetite between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and noon, especially during a walk. For such cases, there are snacks, you can make them yourself, or you can buy healthy ready-made snacks. After all, young parents often do not have a lot of time at their disposal, because most of it is devoted to the baby. To better understand the types of ready-made organic snacks, go to the website Organic’s Best: Snacks For Babys and find a lot of useful information.

Rules for healthy snacking

In order for baby snacks to be healthy and not overpower your appetite, you should follow some simple rules:

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  • Snack foods should be healthy and easy to digest, such as sour cream cheese, fruits and vegetables, fruit and vegetable strips, milk and dairy products (i.e., foods that have few calories and many nutrients).
  • Buns, cakes, fast food and high-calorie sweets are not the best option for a child’s snack, because they contain many calories and very little nutrients.
  • Snack time should be at least 1-2 hours before the main meal (so as not to break the appetite). If there is half an hour before lunch or dinner, and your child is hungry, it is better to just feed him earlier.

If an hour before dinner, give your child some fruit or vegetables, it will satisfy hunger, but not break your appetite. It happens that children refuse to eat vegetables, then try to cook vegetable strips on kefir, yogurt or sour milk sourdough. After all, for example, carrots, celery, bell peppers contain few calories, but a lot of useful vitamins and trace elements and is the perfect snack.

Recent scientific studies show that a person who ate whole grains as a child will be less likely to get diabetes as an adult. Therefore, give your baby entire grains rather than flour products at snack time. For example, there are many kinds of children’s whole-grain cookies (oatmeal, rice, corn, etc.).

Natural yogurt is quite acceptable and a low-calorie snack. You can add fresh chopped fruit to it, and it makes it even more delicious and healthy.

You can add to the menu of little gourmets a natural marshmallow made from puréed fruit or berries. Pastilles are twisted from a thin, soft layer of purée and have a uniform structure. The taste of the marshmallow can vary from sweet to sweet-sour, with an admixture of fruit and berry tones depending on the composition. It retains all the nutrients and beneficial properties of fruit or berries, due to the fact that it is produced without heat treatment by evaporation of moisture at temperatures up to 40 degrees.

In general, the baby’s menu after 6 months should become more varied each day, including main meals and snacks. But usually keep an eye on your health and taste buds. What you like may not be to your baby’s liking or taste.

Be sure to include carbohydrates in children’s snacks. Just preferably not cheesecakes, although that’s not the worst thing either. It’s worse if baby eats chips and drinks sugary drinks. This sugar increases the risk of childhood obesity, type II diabetes. So we advise eating foods that are familiar to your eye. For example, chips – we do not know what they are made of, waffles – also do not grow on trees. In the diet should be different fruits, vegetables, berries, eggs, dairy products and different dishes of them. It’s as simple as that.

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