Find out why you need to know the quickest ways to get Meth out of your system.

Meth is considered as one of the most powerful stimulants; methamphetamine is a highly addictive stimulant developed from its parent drug called amphetamine. It comes in the form of a white and bitter crystalline powder. To be more specific, it looks like a glass fragment or shiny, bluish rock. Also, this is an odorless drug that quickly dissolves in water or alcohol and is initially for nasal decongestants and bronchial inhalers.

Nowadays, “amphetamine salts,” which some say is very similar to Meth, can be used to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy, a sleep disorder. 

Therefore, Meth or methamphetamine is now classified as a Schedule II stimulant. This means that it is now legally available only through a no refillable prescription. However, there is no guarantee that people will comply with this law. Hence, some people can get addicted to this. If you know a teen suffering from Meth or Adderall addiction, read more about the great Los Angeles teen drug treatment programs for adolescents.

Side Effects of Meth

Excessive use of Meth may lead to addiction and can cause harmful effects on the body. It can be physically or psychologically, which is alarming. Although the results vary from one person to another, it is still essential to know the possible side effects of Meth, especially when abused.

  • Fast heartbeat

A person who has taken Meth can experience a fast heartbeat. It is one of the side-effects which can damage the heart.

  • Labored breathing

This side effect causes a person to breathe normally or not be able to breathe at all. It can lead to a more serious medical problem if not managed.

  • Changes in appetite

Meth tends to make people less hungry. So, it causes people to have changes in appetite and make people lose weight.

  • Insomnia

Since methamphetamine is a stimulant for the central nervous system, it highly affects a person’s sleep. Thus, it often leads to insomnia which negatively affects health and lifestyle as well.

  • Meth mouth

Another side effect of crystal meth is called meth mouth. It is the dental effect of Meth which causes tooth decay and poor dental health. Also, it is one of the most apparent physical changes of someone who is addicted to Meth.

  • Extreme itchiness

Since meth abusers are not particularly concerned about their hygiene, they may experience skin problems like itchiness. Also, Meth can be a toxic pollutant to the body, which causes effects on the skin’s health.

  • Memory loss

Another dangerous side effect is memory loss, especially if a person has chronic methamphetamine abuse. It is a detrimental effect that can cause brain damage that can be similar to certain dementias.

  • Anxiety

This effect is considered one of the most common psychological effects of meth abuse. Since the drug disrupts several bodily functions like cognitive function and can be long-lasting depending on the dose and severity of abuse.

  • Paranoia

Paranoia is a psychotic effect of Meth that causes aggression or violence. This effect occurs when Meth starts to interact with some parts of the brain that manages the emotions. It is also considered one of the most dangerous effects as it can also affect a person’s social aspect.

  • Hallucinations

This is a common side effect of Meth in which Meth alters the brain to induce delusions like hearing voices, seeing people or objects.

  • Delusions

Last but not the least effect of meth abuse is delusions. These are beliefs that are not true nor based on reality as Meth alters the mind.

How long does Meth in your system

Since Meth is a powerful drug, it can stay longer on the body for an extended period of time. This may depend on the amount consumed, but it still can be detected through different parts of the body like blood, saliva, urine, and even hair.

How long does Meth stay in Blood

For light to moderate use or 1-time use, Meth usually stays for 72 hours after the final dose. Meanwhile, if a person is a heavy user, it can take up to 10 days after final use.

How long does Meth stay in Urine

Meth can be detected through the urine and stay in there for about 3-5 days after use. This is the reason why most meth abuse tests are conducted by using urine.

How long does Meth stay in Saliva

Meanwhile, Meth can stay for 3-5 days after final use in saliva. Therefore, saliva samples are also collected during drug tests.

Traces of Crystal Meth in Hair

This may seem odd, but traces of Meth can also be detected through hair. Crystal meth can stay 90+days after final use.


Quantity consumed

The amount of Meth that a person consumes is one of the top factors that affect how long Meth stays in the system. It’s pretty self-explanatory as the more a person consumes, the longer the chances of Meth can stay.

Liver health

One of the internal body parts that are most affected by Meth is the liver. Therefore, how the liver functions can contribute to how long Meth stays in the body.

Method of intake

Meth can be taken in many different ways, such as injecting, smoking, snorting, and swallowing. Some even insert it rectally, which makes it less noticeable. However, regardless of the intake method, it still affects the stay of Meth on the body.

Metabolic Rate

Since Meth affects a person’s appetite, the amount of time Meth can stay on the body can also be determined due to metabolic rate.

Body Fat

Another fact to know is that Meth can also impact the ability of the body to store fat. Therefore, this is another factor that affects how long Meth can stay on the body.

Quickest Ways To Get Meth Out Of Your System

Getting Meth out of an abuser’s life is challenging, but there are many ways that a meth-induced person can try. Though most Meth is naturally cleared from the body in about 72 hours, the following methods can help take the Meth out quickly:

At-Home Detox Methods

Keep in mind that meth detox should be administered and approved by medical professionals. These medical professionals have addiction treatment or withdrawal management experience. Thus, a person who suffers from meth abuse should not decide to try it on their own. The reason for this is because it can lead to a more severe health problem. So, before starting any home detox, it is a must to consult with a doctor with addiction treatment or withdrawal management experience. Moreover, it is also best for families to support the patient to strengthen the treatment benefits.

Increasing Fluid Intake

Most of the time, people under the influence of meth abuse do not have enough sleep. Therefore, they become dehydrated. Thus, if someone wants to get rid of Meth on their body, they should drink more water.

Take Fiber

This method is related to the effect of Meth, which is constipation. Eating fiber can help to excrete Meth through feces. To make things easier, a person can also use laxatives to purge the colon to get rid of the Meth in the body.


A person can also take out toxins from the body through sweating. Therefore, doing exercises can take out the Meth flowing inside their body. It is also an excellent practice to improve lifestyle and is great to improve metabolism.


This is a type of vitamin which is also known as vitamin B3. One of the best benefits of this vitamin is eliminating alcohol and other illicit drugs quickly. Niacin can remove the Meth on the system of a meth abuser.

Medical Detox

For this method, a person can go into inpatient or outpatient treatment centers. Inside an inpatient center, the patient will get supervision 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Meanwhile, in an outpatient center, the patient can return home after receiving the treatment. Additionally, patients in these facilities are guided by trained medical professionals to make sure that the process will be safe.

Short Term Detox Diet

Another way a person can try is a short-term detox diet. It is advisable to remove any refined carbohydrates, high-calorie meals, sugars, and saturated fat on meals for this type of diet. As mentioned earlier, it is best to eat foods that are rich in fiber and fruits as well.

Liver detoxification

In this method, a patient should avoid alcohol or any type of drug. No matter how hard this is, keep in mind that it is essential to flush all the Meth out of the body.

Aside from the ways mentioned above, a patient can also try therapy or rehab for drug addiction if they are suffering from meth abuse. A patient can choose any way depending on their needs. These ways are effective, but a patient must be willing and patient. Recovery is a continuous and hard process. A support system plays a significant role in this since some patients are not brave enough to make the changes all by themselves. With that, it is highly recommended for families, friends, and loved ones to talk to the patient about their meth problems.


Though meth addiction is an extreme issue, it is still curable. There are professionals and some people who are willing to help during the recovery process.

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