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Every parent wants their child to be happy and healthy. If your child is unwell, you’re probably researching every option available to help them recover. Physical therapy in Raleigh, NC can help kids struggling with a wide range of conditions, including cognitive disabilities, coordination problems, and mobility issues. Many people are unaware of the fact that physical therapy can address such a wide breadth of ailments, but indeed, physical therapists are trained to provide holistic care for the whole body. This can provide meaningful relief for kids who suffer from various physical and mental challenges. Find out how physical therapy can give your child the tools to combat their symptoms.

Helping With Mobility and Coordination

Many kids struggle with mobility issues early in life and eventually grow out of it as they get older. If your kid’s struggles seem to persist, though, it could be indicative of a condition such as a birth defect, cerebral palsy, or a congenital or neurological disorder. Each of these phrases is enough to strike panic in a parent’s heart, but no matter what your child’s diagnosis may be, pediatric physical therapy near me can help. A physical therapist can work with your child to identify and achieve specific goals, including walking certain distances or completing a specific task.

Goal-oriented physical therapy is a great treatment option for mobility and coordination challenges for this reason. In many cases, these problems are caused by muscle weakness or trauma from an injury. Physical therapists can combat this by guiding your child in exercises that gradually build strength throughout their whole body — but especially in the muscles in their legs and core. In addition to treatments that occur at the PT office, the practitioner can provide your child with exercises to do at home, ensuring that they continuously make progress towards their goals.

Helping With Cognitive Disabilities

Physical challenges aren’t the only issue your child might be dealing with. If they’ve been diagnosed with a cognitive disability, the challenge may seem overwhelming. Cognitive disabilities often go hand in hand with mobility issues — even if the latter is not immediately apparent. Your child may have a slower gait or experience other issues as they try to mobilize, and if left unaddressed, these problems will only worsen. The best physical therapists near Raleigh can help your child build their mobility skills so that a cognitive disability doesn’t eventually cause a physical disability.

Treatments for this situation can include manual therapy applied to weak muscles or guidance through exercises to practice strong mobility. Kids are sensitive — especially so if they’re facing unique challenges — so it’s important to find a physical therapist who’s passionate about helping kids thrive. Working with kids isn’t for everybody, but there are many practitioners who love the opportunity to help young patients overcome their ailments. If you don’t find that provider at first, keep looking until you do. The relationship between your child and their physical therapist can be a major component of their treatment’s outcome.

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