Realistic money-making ways with Bitcoin!

Bitcoin is known as the future of the monetary exchange system. Online currencies have impressed people because these are highly convenient. It’s been 12 years that bitcoin came into existence, and since then, it is growing substantially. Even bitcoin provides many money-making chances to users, and only a few require to invest in it. Some of the money-making methods are easy, while some take time and are frustrating. Let us learn about the best ways to make money with Bitcoin and for that you can visit

Buying and HODLing

Buying and HODLing bitcoin are one of the simplest ways to earn money with bitcoin. For beginners, it is the best way that is easy and will provide the best returns. The process of buying and HODLing bitcoins starts with crypto exchanges. Crypto exchanges are online marketplaces that allow users to buy and sell various types of cryptocurrencies. You need to open an account with the crypto exchange, complete verification details. Once you have purchased bitcoins, you are now free as you have invested money for the long term.

Bitcoin is a valuable asset that is known to provide benefits or returns in long-term investments. HODLing bitcoin generally means holding on for dear life. You have to wait for quite a long time for bitcoin’s price to increase.


Mining is one of the oldest methods but the best method in today’s time as well. Mining bitcoins is quite a straightforward process as miners require high computing power to solve complicated mathematical algorithms. The miners need to solve mathematical algorithms to earn block rewards. In the early days of bitcoin, mining was easy and profitable, but over time when more miners got engaged in it, the complexity of mining became tough. It is quite challenging to be the only miner that solves algorithms at first because people have started to invest a lot in computing power.

Miners are recommended to join the mining pool as it will increase the chance of getting block rewards.


Not all people like to invest in something and wait for a long time, and those people can try investing in bitcoin for trading it. Trading bitcoin allows users to benefit from bitcoin’s volatile nature, but trading requires a complete understanding of the bitcoin market. Traders must learn trading tips, strategies, and trading methods that include arbitrage, day trading, swing trade, and more. All the trading methods are different, and before you start with trading, choose any one method according to your profession and stick to it.

Day trading requires traders to make short trades for only 24 hours. Day traders never hold positions during the night and make short traders and earn small benefits. Swing trading means trading neither for the long term, which means HODLing, nor for the very short term. The wait duration in swing trading is less as compared to HODLing bitcoins.

Medium of exchange

Earlier, people didn’t trust bitcoin because it was comparatively a new currency. Now when it is maturing, more individuals and companies have started accepting bitcoin. There are many reasons why bitcoin is a great medium of exchange that include its global reach. Companies can trade their goods and services internationally and can receive payments in a few minutes or hours. Bitcoin payments are quick and secure. There is no need to market accepting bitcoin payments as bitcoin enthusiasts are always searching for businesses or companies that accept it. Through global reach, businesses can expand their trade and can earn massive profits.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a strategy where the companies attract new customers. By affiliate marketing, existing users are provided incentives or offers to bring in new customers. Each company offers different types of incentives, and therefore before you start affiliate marketing, you must read about promises or deals that the company makes. This is another great way to earn a small number of bitcoins in the form of incentives.

Micro jobs

Many websites have been developed that allow the general public to earn bitcoin by clicking on links or by watching videos, or playing games. Instead of getting engaged in any other tedious work, you can make small gains through micro-jobs. Users either have to play games, do tasks or take surveys to earn bitcoins.

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