Contested vs. Uncontested Divorce: What's the Difference?

Getting a divorce from your partner is a life-altering step. A step that will have a long-term impact on both of you – hence, it’s recommended that both of you handle the situation cautiously. No matter who initiated the divorce, or if it’s both of you, the decision is still a tough one.

But, now that you’re faced with the reality of what’s happening – what’s the next step to take? Of course, you have talked to family members or/and close friends about what to do as a next move. Some recommend that you hire a divorce attorney while others don’t.

The decision becomes frustrating and there are many factors to consider; like whether or not you’re able to afford to hire a divorce lawyer, what will they do that you can’t do yourself, and so on. While there are indeed many people who choose to handle their divorce on their own, hiring a divorce lawyer makes the process so much easier and ensures you claim your full rights.

Here are some reasons to hire a divorce lawyer:

  • They understand the law, especially related to divorce.

Although you might have some background about the laws related to divorce, an attorney lawyer will surely know better. The law is full of details that serve as a loophole in some cases, and these details are understood and known by professionals.

Also, they understand “the language of the law”. Since some legislations have several meanings depending on the context they’re used in. Divorce lawyers understand the language of law and will help you in applying the law correctly and use their knowledge in your favor.

  • A divorce lawyer will ease the communication with your partner

Divorces are tough, whether or not you initiated it or not. You might be on great terms with your partner and can negotiate some terms and how things will go after the divorce, but there are some things that are uncomfortable to talk about.

Hiring a divorce lawyer eases the process because there’s an external party who understands the case and can exchange responses between the two of you. Having someone experienced enough to negotiate the uncomfortable things you and your partner need to talk about eases the process a lot.

  • Helps you make integral decisions you’re hesitant about

Divorce lawyers have worked with several people in your situation. They understand how hard some decisions might be, and know the proper course of action. When you want to make a  certain decision, you need someone who has the information you don’t to ensure that you’re making the correct one, and that’s when a divorce lawyer steps in.

  • Helps you claim your full rights

Most of the people who go through a divorce want to get it over with that they neglect their rights. A divorce lawyer understands the law and what rights it gives each one of you. You’ll have someone by your side who is knowledgeable and experienced enough to fight for your rights and ensure that you fully claim them.

  • Helps when the situation gets emotional

The divorce process is a very personal one. Some people handle it better than others. But there are some times when things will get intensely emotional, and that’s when another party needs to step in.

A divorce lawyer sees the bigger picture and can think rationally when you’re unable to because of how emotional the situation is. They ensure you’re making the right steps out of logic and not simply acting on your emotions or what feels right at the current moment.

  • You won’t be fighting on your own

Going through a divorce is a hectic process on its own, imagine adding to it the stress of your family and those around you. The reactions of other people might be overwhelming and the amount of false guidance they’ll give you will make you feel lost.

Having a divorce attorney who will be on your side and can properly guide you without pressure will benefit you a lot in making proper decisions and serve as a huge support.

“Building a support system through a tough phase starts with you asking for help,” says a team of divorce lawyers at Annutto law office.

  • They will help with legal documents

One thing you certainly don’t need to add to your plate during a divorce is legal documents. A certain thing is that the divorce process includes a ton of legal documents which will leave you frustrated if you decide to go through them alone.

Having someone who will handle all the legal documents and paperwork for you is a huge relief and will save you from a lot of mistakes and unnecessary stress.

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