Reasons to Invest in a Covered Gutter System

The gutters on your home provide a very valuable service which includes ensuring your roof gutters are clean and clear of debris. Ultimately, these help to protect your roof and can save you considerably when it comes to future roof maintenance and repairs. To ensure your gutters are protected, you should consider investing in a covered gutter system, such as the K-Guard Gutter System. This gutter system offers a variety of benefits to proper owners.

Keep Out Animals and Pests

One of the reasons that you should invest in a covered gutter system is so you can keep animals and pests out of your gutters. Any animal that is looking for a home and shelter will find that gutters on a home offer a lot of support. When animals pick your gutters as a home, they will build some type of nest and shelter, which will clog the gutters. Further, they tend to scratch and could cause a lot of damage to both the gutters and your roof.

Prevent Large Debris from Getting In

You should also get covered gutter guards because they can help to prevent large pieces of debris from getting in. If you live in an area with a lot of trees, it is very common for sticks, leaves, dirt, and other pieces of debris to get onto your roof and into your gutters. While small debris will pass through, larger items can cause a clog. With a gutter guard system, it will allow smaller pieces to move through but will keep about the more hazardous larger items.

Easier Maintenance and Cleaning

Another advantage of using a covered gutter system is that it will make the process of cleaning easier. Keeping your gutters properly cleaned and clear is very important. With a covered gutter system, all larger pieces of debris will be prevented from accessing the gutters and smaller items will pass through. The larger items will either rest on top of the gutter cover or will fall off the roof on their own. This means that you will not have to spend nearly as much time clearing out your gutters by hand to clean up debris.

Prevent Ice Dams

Anyone that lives in a cold climate is likely aware of the damage that can be caused by ice dams. An ice dam is a situation in which snow or water will pool around your gutters due to gutter clogs. It will then freeze and put a lot of long-term additional weight on a portion of your roof. This could put additional stress on the roof, which could cause damage and leaks. With proper gutter guards, the ability for water to pool will be drastically reduced and you could avoid ice dams completely.

Reduce Chance of Fire

You should also consider gutter covers as they can reduce the chances of a fire occurring. If there is debris that grows in your gutter and then you have a period of time with heat and little rain, it could cause all the leaves and sticks to dry up. As these items can burn easily, it leads to an increased chance of a fire occurring. By using a gutter guard system, you can help to reduce this risk greatly.

When it comes to maintaining and caring for your home, focusing on your gutters is very important. When your gutters are clean and in good condition, they will help ensure water, snow, and debris washes off of your roof efficiently. A great way that you can protect your gutters is with a proper gutter guard system, such as the K-Guard Gutter System. These gutter protectors offer various benefits that will help to protect your home and gutters.

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