Receding Hairlines in Men: A Complete Guide

Receding hairline is a common phenomenon seen in men. However, what causes it, and what is its treatment? Well, you might want to read on to know everything related to receding hairline men.

What Causes Receding Hairlines in Men?

First of all, we need to talk about the cause of receding hairline in men. Most of the time, it is because of the below-given reasons.

  • Genetics or Family History

One of the major reasons for receding hairlines is genetics or family history. So, if you have had the balding problem in your family for a long time, then the chances are that you might face a receding hairline issue too. Moreover, the timing is pretty much the same as the other men in your family.

Receding hairline is genetic as there are some male hormones that cause the hair follicles to fall off. Hence, resulting in receding hairlines.

  • Hormonal Changes

As mentioned above, hormones play a huge part when it comes to receding hairlines in both men and women.

Hence, if your body is going through some hormonal changes, then the chances are that you might develop a receding hairline problem.

  • Medications

You may already know that medications may cause hair fall too that could lead to a receding hairline. For instance, men going through chemotherapy may experience a loss of hair and receding hairline.

It could be because of some changes in the hormonal levels too due to the substances found in the medications.

  • Stress

One of the other uncommon causes that are linked to receding hairlines in men is stress. This phenomenon is known as telogen effluvium wherein there’s loss of hair due to either stress or disease.

The good thing about this kind of problem is that it is temporary and your hair may start growing back again.

  • Other Reasons

Some other reasons for receding hairlines include smoking, irregular or unhealthy diet plans.

Treatment For Receding Hairlines

Now, let’s take a look into the various treatments available for receding hairlines.

  • Medications

One of the most common treatments for receding hairlines is medication. There are many medicines available today, like Minoxidil, that can help in the growth of hair. For instance, you can apply some medicines to your scalp to facilitate the growth of hair.

  • DHT-Blocking Shampoos

If you’re wondering what is DHT, then it is the main hormone that causes receding hairline and hair fall problems. This hormone causes many issues like shrinking the hair follicles, thinning of hair, etc.

However, if you want then you can go for a good-quality DHT-blocking shampoo. Such types of shampoos contain ingredients that inhibit the functioning of the DHT hormone. Thus, reducing hair fall problems.

  • Surgery

If nothing works out, then there’s always an option for going for hair restoration surgeries. These surgeries involve placing new hair follicles on the area where balding is observed.

Hair restoration surgeries work best for those for whom the basic treatment methods don’t seem to work.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, receding hairlines is a huge issue in men as DHT is more dominant in men than women.

However, with proper knowledge and care, you can definitely prevent receding hairline.

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