Reciprocity in a Relationship: Sending Naked Photos to Each Other Is Fine?

Sending nude photos to your partner can be a great way to spice up your relationship. Who doesn’t like to see hot pictures of their significant other? Sexing is not only a fantastic way to build up sexual anticipation, but it can make your dull day a lot more excited. On a well-taken photo, people can look like real sex dolls. There is nothing like a hot pic from someone you love to make your day awesome.

However, there are some things you have to think about before you surprise your partner with a steamy sext. Here, you will find some tips on how to make sexting safe and enjoyable for both of you.

Choose the Right Time

The first thing you need to think about is timing. You should always ask permission before sending something that is supposed to be for your intimate partner only. It would be best if you considered factors like the place your partner is currently in, people he/she is hanging out with, his/her mood, etc. Make sure that your other half is willing to participate in such an activity.

Generally, the best time to send nudes is when you are already participating in a steamy text exchange. But even then, you should ask for clear consent. It is the key to good fun and not sexual harassment. Nobody wants to receive a random dick pic in the middle of a work presentation.

Nevertheless, some people like spontaneous sexting, and it can also be done in the right way. If you are in a long-term relationship, you can talk about some ground rules of sending nudes. For example, you can have a separate app for regular talks and sending steamy pictures. This way, you will still receive them at a surprising time, but you won’t have to worry about other people seeing them.

Be Sure That Your Partner Wants To

Sending a naked picture can make you feel vulnerable or uncomfortable. Be wary of your partner’s feelings. Remember that you don’t owe anyone anything, so make sure that both of you want to do it of your sheer will. Some people like to see nudes, but they don’t like to take them, and that’s OK too! If you are one of those, you can just tell your partner, and maybe he or she will agree on sending them without expecting a picture of you in return.

You should always send your pictures for your own enjoyment, not because someone is asking for them. Don’t feel obliged, and don’t let anyone pressure you into doing this.

Never Take Nudes With a Visible Face

One part of the body should never be visible on the nudes you send, and it’s your face. It doesn’t matter if you trust your partner with your life. Never send nude photos that can be easily connected to you. Why?

Can you be sure that your partner’s phone is for his eyes only and that no one else knows how to unlock it? Even if you are sure, phones, computers, social media accounts can always be hacked, or the password may leak. Even the most responsible people in the world lose their phones.

Always think about your well-being. Good nudes are the kind of nudes that are steamy and hot but provide just the right amount of protection.

Triple Check Who You Send Them To

Have you ever sent a text to the wrong person? Probably most people made that mistake a couple of times. Most of the time, it’s nothing, and it can be easily fixed, but imagine if you sent your naked photo to your parents or your boss. That would be a much bigger problem, as it is not something that can be undone. You should also make sure that you send it in a private message and not upload it on social media.

Find a Good Light and Angle

If you finally decide to exchange nudes with your partner, always remember to be your best self! Not every nude has to be totally naked and show everything. Butts rarely fail, so don’t be afraid to show yours off! Ask your partner what they are into. Some of us like chest hair, others are very fond of feet or collarbones. Sometimes underwear pictures may be hotter than regular nudes.

When it comes to light, try to avoid bright overhead lights and aim for natural window lighting or dim bedside table light if you want something moodier. Either way, you should be facing the light rather than let it come from your behind.

The Bottom Line

Sending nudes to your significant other can be an exciting addition to your relationship, especially if you are trying to make a long-distance relationship work. However, no matter what, always remember some basic rules you should follow to stay safe.

Don’t ever feel obliged to do it just because someone asks you to, and don’t be the person who pressures anyone to send you their spicy photos. All of it should come to you naturally. Ultimately it is your body, and you are the only person that you need to answer to. Trust your instincts, as they are usually right.

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