Remote Desktop Can't Connect To The Remote Computer: Solutions


As a Windows user, you will certainly no longer be strange to remote connections. However, in using this feature, you may encounter a popular error like “desktop can’t connect to the remote computer,” which inconveniences you a lot at work.

Nonetheless, you will need to be worried anymore because, in this article, we will diagnose problems and show a list of solutions you can try to deal with. Let’s get started!

What Is The Cause Of Remote Desktop Connections Failing In Windows?

Before we find out how to fix remote desktop can’t find the computer error, we need to understand the issue and its cause together, then figuring out solutions more easily. 

Let’s deep dive into some common reasons that are leading to remote desktop failure:

Windows Update 

One of the technique errors making your remote desktop corrupted is Windows updating. 

This issue arises because one of the freshly installed files may interfere with the functionality of the remote desktop. You will have to figure out what is causing the problem and fix it manually.

    Remote Desktop Connection            


If you install antivirus applications, it can block some features of the remote desktop or even completely. Therefore, the best thing you need to do is disable your antivirus program, or worse, you have to delete them.

Public Network Profile 

Another reason is that you are using a public network profile or joining a public networking group on Windows, leading to the function of the remote desktop being blocked. 

How To Solve “Remote Desktop Can’t Connect To The Remote Computer”?

After understanding its causes, let’s move to resolutions to fix failure in the remote control. Below are several ways we will recommend for you to try.

Make sure that you will follow these instructions in order!

Remote Desktop Can't Connect To The Remote Computer: Solutions

Change Your Firewall Setting

This way is very easy, even if you do not have much knowledge related to computers.

Firstly, you need to open Start, then write the sentence “Allow an app through Windows Firewall.”

Or you can try by going to the Control Panel, choose System and Security, pick Windows Defender Firewall, then select Allowed applications. Afterward, click on “Change settings.”

Change Your Firewall Setting

Now, you will see a list of allowed apps that Firewall blocks. Scroll down to find “Remote Desktop.” Give a stick on the private and public checkboxes. 

Finally, close the window and try the connection again; if your computer connects from remote, it means you have dealt with this problem.

Allow Remote Desktop Connections If Not Allowed

This solution appears funny, but you need to confirm whether the Windows operating system permits Remote Desktop connections or not.

Note that it will not operate if that functionality is restricted, even if you permit Remote Desktop across the Firewall. Therefore, checking its allowance by these manipulations.

Firstly, you open the Start Menu like the first solution and write the sentence “Allow Remote Desktop Connections” in the textbox. Then click the first section. 

Scroll down to find the Remote Desktop header then select “Show settings.”

Tick “Allow Remote Assistance Connections to this computer,” and double-click the mouse on “Apply and OK.”

Reset Your Credentials

After trying solution 2, you can’t still get the success of amending a remote desktop, let’s move to this way.

As you know, when connecting to a computer on a regular basis, users frequently tend to save their login information. However, when connecting to a different computer, the same credentials can be used, which can cause issues. 

As a result, double-check that you’re using the correct credentials for the relevant machine.

To reset remote desktop on Windows, do the guidance by opening the Start Menu then type “Remote Desktop Connection” firstly. 

Then add the IP address of the PC you will connect. If you see the login saved, you should edit or delete it as long as you make the appropriate modifications.

Doing this will either reset or modify your credentials.


Manage Your Credentials

Verify The Status Of Remote Desktop Services

The “remote desktop cannot connect to the distant computer” error might occur if the computer enables RDP services on either the local or remote computer. Check to see if the services listed below are operating on both machines.

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) (TermService).

Remote Desktop Services (RDS) Port Redirector in UserMode. Search for the term “UmRdpService”.

If a centralized Group Policy disables it, you cannot connect to a distant computer. Thus, run these services if you are an admin, or request your admin to do so. 

You may also need to restart the machine after this service starts.


To conclude, the remote desktop can’t connect to the remote computer error can bring you many drawbacks, especially with the upward trend of working from a popular home. 

These solutions above seem complicated; however, we hope that they will be helpful to you even if you do not know anything about computers. Besides, you can also visit the website understand IT as well as issues related to PC in necessary cases.

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