Renovating Your Home

Yay! You have decided to renovate your home. However, one thing that may be posing as a problem is cost. A little here and a little there and you are soon calculating thousands of dollars.

If you make a rough estimate of the cost that will be required, the result may be daunting. While we will look at some renovating tips that can help you cut costs while you achieve the perfect version of your home, there’s another option.

Should your home be in need of a major renovation and you find that your budget cannot meet the demands, you can go for a forbrukslån til oppussing, which is Norwegian for loan for renovation. Certainly, if you get the right loan, you will be able to effect all the changes you wish to without being constrained by a tight budget.

That said, let’s now quickly look at some of those cost saving tips we mentioned earlier. The following tips will help you renovate your home when you are on a budget.

1. Do It Yourself

This is the first thing you have to consider if you do not want to spend much on your home renovation. If you choose to get an architect, you will already be spending extra cash. Although a good architect will give you a perfect plan based on your specifications, you should consider doing the project yourself if you intend to save up some cash.

However, if you aren’t really into DIYs or you just don’t feel capable of handling the project yourself, then get an architect to avoid regrets.

2. Plan Well

Planning is essential to the project. When you start the project, you have to be deliberate with what you want. A major pitfall most people make is that they tend to focus more on the bigger aspect of the project while almost neglecting the smaller aspects.

Therefore, you have to make sure that while you have a mental image of what you are expecting at the end of the day, the little details should not be glossed over. In your planning stage, ensure you make plans for every area in the house.

Write down your desired result for every area; also write the decided overall goal.

Plan Well

3. Budget

At every stage of the project, one thing should resound at the back of your mind “You are on a budget”. It is very possible to get tempted and spur during the project, so you have to avoid this as much as possible. One way to do this is to plan your budget.

Estimate how much will be spent on the renovation according to the money you are willing to spend. Set a limit of how much you are willing to spend and ensure you do not overestimate the budget.

4. Make Proper Research

Now that we have a plan and a working budget, it is time to start researching the options. Once you start researching, you’ll be amazed at all the options available for you. That beautiful lamp you saw at an expensive store may be sold at a cheaper price in another store.

So, you have to take your time and make proper research. Look for places that sell furniture, paints, and other accessories at cheaper prices. Peruse through online stores, thrift stores where second-hand home accessories and furniture are sold.

Steps to Renovate Your Home While on a Budget

Now that we have the core aspects of the project figured out,it is time to get doing. The following are steps to decorate your home while on a budget. While you are in the process of renovation, it’s the best time as well to start removing all the things you no longer want to be around. You can rent a dumpster in williamstown nj to handle the waste disposal during cleanup and renovation.

1. Start with the Door

Your door is what makes the initial impression on anybody visiting your home for the first time. Therefore, it has to speak volumes. Changing the doors completely may be too much since we are working with a budget.

However, repainting the door can bring the desired effect. An important factor to always consider when choosing a paint color is that the room’s lighting often affects the paint’s color. You can watch this video to learn more about this. Therefore, if a particular room is dark, you can use the room’s color for your door. But, you will have to make the door’s color about 50% lighter than that of the room.

This will greatly optimize your home’s lighting.

Start with the Door

2. Paint the House

During renovations, painting the house is almost mandatory since a new coat of paint can give all the difference you desire.

Using different colors may be counterintuitive since we are working on a budget. As we have already said, the room’s lighting can affect the paint colors. So, we recommend you go for a white and black palette.

Trust us; you can’t go wrong with these colors. Using these colors will not only save cost but will also make your home look modern and sophisticated.

3. Use Mirrors

What if we told you that your small space doesn’t have to appear small after all? If your home is small and you wish to make it look bigger, you can achieve this look with a fairly inexpensive item, mirrors!

Not only will your small space appear bigger, but you can also choose a variety of mirror designs that will add aesthetic value to the room. Do not overdo it, and also be very strategic about the mirror placing.

4. Maximize the Kitchen Storage

This is an important factor for anyone renovating their homes. You can de-clutter your home without having to break the bank. For starters, you can DIY some kitchen storage and cabinets.

If DIY isn’t your thing, you can visit thrift stores around you. We are certain you will get something you love.

If you have enough storage cabinets already, then repainting them can give them that new look you desire.

5. Windows

One of the best things about being indoors is being able to see the outdoors. We know cost is important but if your home lacks large windows, you may have to invest in them a little bit.

If investing in new windows isn’t possible, you can simply paint the windows you already have. However, make sure the color you choose for the window frames is slightly lighter than that of your room, this way; you will optimize the light that is coming into the room.


6. Do not forget the Bathroom

We are sure you may have found some wonderful yet inexpensive bathroom fixtures during the research phase of the project. However, if you do not want to get new items for the bathroom, you can renovate the bathroom by repainting items in the bathroom. You can also fix your shower’s pressure and any other idea you can come up with to make the bathroom seem new.

7. The Floor

Changing the flooring may be too much since you want to cut costs. However, some floor options aren’t all that expensive. For instance, you can get laminate flooring since you can easily install it by yourself. Visit to learn more about laminate floors before you buy it.

If you can’t afford new flooring at all, then we advise that you renovate the house according to the floor’s design.


Most homeowners want to renovate their homes very badly. But most times, the cost of renovation can put on a hamper on this desire. This doesn’t have to be so. Everyone should be able to renovate their homes when they want without having to break the bank. We believe we have been able to prove this with the tips discussed in this article.

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