3 Tools To Split PDF Files In Seconds Without Paying For Subscriptions

One of the most popular file formats nowadays is PDF because it gives every user the chance to enjoy the management and organization of files more efficiently. It is easy to create, open, view, and share with your colleagues via email and other social media platforms. However, it is prone to damage and corruption due to malware and viruses on your device which is frustrating and stressful. But don’t worry because GogoPDF has a repair PDF tool that will fix your damaged documents in just a few minutes. 

How to use the repair PDF tool of GogoPDF?

The repair PDF is one of the most in-demand tools offered by GogoPDF. It is the go-to platform for every student and working adult having difficulty accessing their documents. They choose it because aside from the quick and straightforward process which lasts less than a minute, it is also free of charge. It means that you can use the tool without paying any amount of money but in case you have the budget, you can avail of the pro account. It will let you enjoy unlimited access to all of its services without annoying advertisements constantly popping on your screen. Besides that, you will also have unlimited storage space through its cloud system. Check out the steps below to have an idea on how to use the repair PDF tool of GogoPDF, said John O. from twiftnews.

Step 1. Visit GogoPDF.com

To visit GogoPDF.com, you have to connect your device to a fast internet connection and use any of its browsers. Then, click the repair PDF tool under the view and edit category.  upload the corrupted or damaged file by clicking the select files button at the center of the webpage. You may also take advantage of the drag and drop option if you are accessing the website using your computer or laptop. You may get the file from your local storage or cloud storage like google drive or dropbox. 

Step 2. The repair tool will start the restoration procedure

After uploading the corrupted PDF file on the repair toolbox, it will start the restoration procedure. Wait for it to scan the document, analyze the issues, and fix the problem. It usually takes less than a few minutes depending on how fast your internet connection is. However, some files might be unrecoverable due to the severity of the damage. 

Step 3. Share or download the fixed document

Once the fixed document appears on your screen, you can already share it via email with a personalized message. To send it to someone using other social media platforms, you can just copy the shareable link generated by the platform and send it to the recipient. To easily access the file, make sure to download it on your device, google drive, or dropbox. 

Why choose GogoPDF over a long list of other tools?

  • Safe restoration process

You might be hesitant to use the website because you are afraid to become one of the victims of data theft. But that is not possible because it uses a strong security system which is the 256-bit encryption technology. It guarantees that no unauthorized persons can access your uploaded and fixed documents because of its 60-minute rule. It states that the server will automatically and permanently delete all uploaded files after 60 minutes which means that they will be inaccessible forever. If you want to get to know more about the security of the platform, you may read its policy and terms of service. 

  • Accessible repair PDF tool

The website aims to repair corrupted documents regardless of the kind of device that you are using. Unlike other online tools, applications, and software that operate only through a laptop, GogoPDF can function well on smartphones, computers, and tablets. It is accessible especially to students who can’t afford to purchase a specific device. Aside from that, it supports all major operating systems so you will not encounter any problems when accessing it through Windows, Mac, or Linux. Moreover, you have the freedom to choose a reliable browser like Google Chrome to undergo the restoration process. 

  • Offers other PDF tools

Aside from repairing corrupted documents, the website also offers other services. It contains more than 20 tools designed to let you manipulate and modify your digital files as much as you want to. For instance, you may use the converter tool if you want to turn your PDF into other file formats like Excel, Word, and PPT. If you plan to send a large file via email, it is advisable to use the compress PDF tool to reduce the size of the document consequently permitting you to send it successfully.

In Conclusion

GogoPDF can make your remote working experience worthwhile because of its repair PDF tool. It will help you recover inaccessible documents in an instant for free. So visit it now to view your corrupted or damaged files again!


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