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Stellar data recovery software is a powerful advanced tool used for efficient and quick scans. In this review, We studied every facet of one of the world’s top data recovery software packages in this Stellar Data Recovery review. In a nutshell, Stellar Data Recovery allows users to recover deleted, misplaced, or unavailable files from a hard disc, USB stick, or virtually any other storage device. Furthermore, it is trendy and has several high-end features.

Features of Stellar Data Recovery Software:

Stellar Data Recovery will restore data destroyed by you, an application, your operating system, or a virus. It may also use to restore data from hard disks that have been crushed or destroyed, as well as erased, RAW, or non-mounting partition.

Plan and Pricing:

Stellar Data Recovery offers a free package with up to 1GB of storage space and 25MB per file. It’s ideal for tiny files like photographs, short films, and documents. The free plan gives you a good idea of what the software can achieve with larger files.

You’ll need to upgrade if you need to retrieve huge files. Paid memberships begin per year for the Standard plan, including everything from the free program and complete data recovery. One of the four more advanced Stellar Data Recovery memberships will enable those with more advanced demands.


Stellar Data Recovery is compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X. It includes sophisticated capabilities to make it more efficient as one of the best hard disc data recovery programs accessible. To begin with, Stellar Data Recovery supports all file types, even bespoke ones. Data can retrieve from a portable hard drive, a hard disk drive, a memory card, a storage device, and optical media such as CDs and DVDs, among other places. Stellar Data Recovery can also recover data from non-bootable and secured discs.


It just took us a few minutes to install Stellar Data Recovery on a Windows laptop. You can choose what type of files (picture, video, etc.) you want to recover on the initial user dashboard. If you’re looking for a specific file or file type, this will come in handy. You can also choose which drive and area you want to search, making the procedure even more efficient.

Scan Capabilities:

Stellar Data Recovery gives full hard drive scan capabilities, deleted lost partitions recovery, corrupted partitions recovery, and cloning. Bootable USB needs to be created manually with the help of software and it is available for both Mac and Windows. The software gives a quick and deep scan facility.


It can be challenging to recover lost files. However, Stellar Data Recovery did an excellent job. It retrieved the data we erased on purpose and nearly 500,000 more in less than four minutes. The sheer volume of files recovered was initially intimidating, but they can all be categorized by file type, size, and position. Custom file types can add via the advanced options menu, which supports all known file formats. There is also a search bar.


There are a plethora of advanced settings that can change to improve performance. You can, for example, indicate the configuration files you’re looking for. New file types can be introduced if required, and safe mode can engage if security is a problem. With higher-end plans, more complex tools are offered. The short scan retrieved what we expected, but a deep scan option is also available. The software took almost 12 hours and utilized substantially more RAM and a similar amount of CPU.

Final Verdict:

Overall, Stellar Data Recovery is a superb file recovery solution for businesses with many advanced features. It allows anyone to recover deleted data from a computer or outside storage device in its most basic form. Although paid subscriptions are a tad pricey, the program’s remarkable performance and user-friendly design earn it our recommendation.

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