Rock Your Short Hairstyles Like a True Icon

Cutting off the locks may be triggered by a variety of reasons. However, no matter the even behind the decision, the outcome should be nothing but fabulous. Thus, you need to carry out a fair share of research before finalizing your opinion on which route to follow.

While LoveHairstyles has the most extensive short hairstyles on offer, you need to be aware of the dangers that may be lurking behind the trendiest of looks. In addition, you may know that not all the cuts are utterly universal. Thus, some common errors may cost you dearly if you don’t rule them out.

Don’t Rush

If you have waist-length hair, going straight to pixie may seem like a fun idea at first. However, the reality proves that there will be a lot of regrets later. Thus, the experts say that you should taste the thrill of a short haircut an inch or so at a time. Try going from lob to bob at first. Walk around, meet new people and friends and gather their feedback. The more positive it is, the more comfortable you will be with your new look.

Think About The Type

The same cut won’t look equally flattering on both thin hair and thick mane. There are exceptions, but rare. According to LoveHairStyles, before you schedule your meeting with the hairdresser, you need to browse all the shortcut types that are fit for your locks and discuss the options with the professional. Opting for the trendiest look of the season may turn disastrous if the cut does not coincide with your hair type, you should keep that in mind.

Consider The Styling

A cut in a magazine will always look its best since it is styled to look presentable. However, you can’t count on getting out of bed and looking like a model. Therefore, every haircut will require a fair share of styling. Some options are easier to maintain, while others may require significant effort. Depending upon the tightness of your schedule, your skill, and your desire to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, you can decide whether or not you’ll manage to rock the style.

Think About The Odds

Aside from daily styling, there are other maintenance routines to follow once you set your mind on a short hairstyle. The fact is that scheduling for monthly trims is one of the odds to consider. Thus, if you don’t have time or desire to meet with your master, that often, you may reconsider the whole idea. If you think that regular trims are nothing but just a marketing catch, you need to know that the short mane seems to grow out faster, and the imperfections of the style will start to show. To avoid that, you need to maintain the cut correspondingly.

Observe The Face Shape

Like in the case with hair type, the face shape also matters when it comes to a new cut. Not every hairstyle is utterly flattering to all the shapes. But, in the majority of cases, all the styles are divided according to the type of face and universal options. So, whether round or square or oval face you have, you need to take it into the account when the day X comes.

Pay Attention To The Reasons

Surely, you may not think that there can be poor reasons for cutting off the locks, but the reality proves otherwise. While some trends surface up at one time or another, you aren’t fashion-bound. So, cutting off the mane for the sake of trend wouldn’t be a good enough reason. Also, chopping off the length just because you grow older and mature isn’t a quality reason to even brood upon. As long as you are comfy and satisfied with the state of your hair, age is a mere number. Lastly, getting over a relationship by opting for a dramatic change is not always as satisfying as it seems. Your ex might have loved your long locks. Now, when he’s out of your life, you may think that it’s best to cut off the tresses. Yet, it’s your hair and your life, and you shouldn’t get rid of something you hold dear, just because one person in used to like it too. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

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