San Francisco Road Trip- Silicon Valley And San Jose

San Jose is a large city at the heart of Silicon Valley, a famous major tech center in the southern part of San Francisco’s Bay Area. Although San Jose isn’t typically as popular as San Francisco with tourists, it’s not a destination to miss out on, with plenty of attractions, museums, technology, and nature to enjoy. San Jose is just a quick drive from San Francisco; you can take any one of three routes — the US-101, the CA-82, or the l-280.

Planning a comfortable trip

For this road trip, you’ll be driving around 49 miles (about 1 hour 20 minutes) in total. A reliable and comfortable car is essential to help you reach your destination safely. A good example is the SUV: drivers rate SUVs as practical and roomy, providing ample leg room while allowing space for extra bags and luggage. Also be sure to pack enough water and keep your supply stocked throughout your trip. Hydration is key to staying alert and supporting your immune system. Healthy snacks are also a must. Things like granola bars, fresh or dried fruit, and nuts will give you the energy and nutrition you need to stay clear-headed and alert while driving. This’ll save you from resorting to unhealthy fast food from rest stops and gas stations.

Center of technology and innovation

In Silicon Valley, you’ll have access to over 20 miles of museums, parks, mountains, and technology attractions. For example, the Intel Museum in the Robert Noyce Building in Santa Clara is a fun place to learn about the history of computer technology. The museum’s rarely busy, so you can enjoy exploring without crowds and lines, as well as free parking and admission. Driving through the Silicon Valley area or road trip with San Francisco Party Bus, you’ll also pass headquarters of top tech firms like Facebook, Intel, Google and Apple (at the Apple store, you can buy special merchandise like Apple T-shirts, pens and mugs). Also stop off at the Tech Museum of Innovation (aka the Tech), a museum all about technology and science innovation. Here, you can enjoy fun practical activities like the VR bird-flying machine and the robot station.

Natural beauty

San Jose offers no shortage of natural beauty. The Municipal Rose Garden, for example, is known as the best rose garden in the country. It offers almost six acres of beautiful garden, with over 4,000 rose shrubs and green lawn. There’s also the Japanese Friendship Garden in Kelley Park, which is a symbol of the “Sister City” relationship between San Jose and Okayama, Japan. The garden spans six acres, and features a tea house, bridges, and three beautiful ponds filled with koi fish sent from Okayama back in 1966. It’s the perfect spot to stretch your legs or sit and relax after your long drive.

San Jose and Silicon Valley are the perfect destinations for a San Francisco day road trip. Fans of technology, innovation, and natural beauty are bound to have a great time.

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