InternetCity is a pair that is made up of artists and YouTubers, and they are responsible for bringing outstanding distinctiveness, dynamic energy, and amazing invention to the gritty sound of rap music. InternetAaron and InternetMikey have decided to collaborate in order to create music, which was the primary motivation for their decision to form this band. InternetCityis able to combine various aspects from anime, video games, movies, and cartoons into their own rap music, which they have dubbed “nerdcore.” InternetCity has also emerged with a new sound, which they have termed as “nerdcore.” Other elements from popular culture that come together to create a rap sound that is full and satisfying, and which has been massively praised by listeners all over the world.

Listeners have been ready to return that affection since the band gives audiences songs that naturally ooze from a vast tapestry of visual world and culture. As of right now, the duo’s Spotify channel boasts of more than 15,000 unique monthly listeners and more than a half a million total listens from the music that they have distributed up to this point. The great news is that this is only the beginning for them, and as they continue polishing their expertise, they will come harder with tunes that exude charm, class, earned recognition, and passion that cannot even be described!

A perfect example of this is the song that they released in 2022 titled “Burn Up (Dabi Rap).” It is an uplifting gem and a profoundly delightful anthem, and I have already listened to it more than ten times. This killer track has been played over 76,000 times on Spotify, and it is clear that it is more than worthy of these statistics. This mesmerizing stunner, which was inspired by video games, is the kind of thing that, if you set it on repeat, would make you vibing all day long.

I appreciated the artistry behind the captivating cover art all the way down to the impassioned performance that truly melds those unforgettable melodies with the irresistible hip hop rhythms to have you breaking out your newest moves throughout the whole of the tune. Lyrical brilliance is shown with easy strength, and this is the actual sensation of listening to a song that is on the verge of the supernatural.

InternetCity has established a strong foothold, and the band intends to continue riding the wave of momentum they’ve built up to produce more music of a high level throughout the course of this year and beyond. You can anticipate more releases from them in the future as well. If you want up-to-the-minute information about InternetAaron and InternetMikey’s next projects, be sure to follow InternetAaron and InternetMikey on Instagram.

If you are interested in knowing more about the artists, you may keep track of them by following each of them on their official social media handles, which are listed below. Simply follow the link in order to listen to some of the great tunes that have garnered them so much popularity.

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