When you have a hot sip of coffee, a cold bite of a screen, or on a piece of candy, do you experience painful tooth sensitivity? Many people do, and this horrible feeling can get in the way of enjoying many of your favorite things. Luckily, there are identifiable reasons why you have sensitive teeth that you can do something about. Get ready to enjoy a more comfortable mouth once again.

Dental Hygiene Issues 

Most tooth and gum problems stem from poor dental hygiene. If you do not brush enough or properly and floss your teeth, you open up a long list of negative possibilities. Sensitive teeth can come from cavities, gum disease, and more serious problems that necessitate root canal surgery and more. Always take proper care of your teeth but be careful not to overdo it. Brushing too hard with a stiff bristle brush can damage your enamel. Use softer bristles, more natural materials, and floss gently to avoid damaging the surface of your teeth or your gums.

Excessive Use of Mouth Wash

The acid and alcohol in mouthwash can also cause tooth sensitivity. While everyone likes fresh breath, damaging the surface of your teeth is not the way to make it happen. Stick to a once per day habit or switch to a low-acid or no-alcohol rinse. If you brush and floss properly, you will not have enough of the harmful bacteria to make your breath smell bad. It also helps to drink a lot of fresh water throughout the day.

Teeth Whitening Procedures

Another cause of tooth sensitivity includes any type of whitening procedure. Even toothpastes specifically formulated to brighten your smile can cause abrasion to the surface of your teeth. Whitening strips, bleaches, gels, and cosmetic dentist options all contribute to this problem. Everyone likes a glowing smile, but you should not force yourself to experience sensitivity and pain to get one.

Grinding Your Teeth

While grinding your teeth during the day or at night causes physical damage by wearing down the enamel, the physical movement can also aggravate the nerve deep inside. This can make the cold, heat, acid, or sugar from whatever you drink or eat get to the center more easily and cause sensitivity and pain.

Physical Damage

A crack or fissure in your tooth is another common cause of sensitive teeth. After all, this type of physical damage actually affects the nerve directly. This is the type of thing that you need professional help for as soon as possible. If you leave these types of issues alone, you will have much more serious problems like tooth loss before long.

When in doubt, ask your dentist about extreme teeth sensitivity to see if they have any recommendations beyond stopping these damaging habits. May be possible to look and feel even better with one or more appointments. Never leave dental care to chance or your sensitive teeth may become something even worse over time.

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