Seven statistics about India that are so real

If you are interested to know about “7 statistics about India that are so real”, then you are at the correct place. This article will explain to you in a detailed way about seven statistics about India that are so real.

There exist many hidden truths about India which are not known by 90 percent of the majority. But it seems essential to know about your country if you are a part of it. You should take part in what’s going or not. Let’s discuss some facts about India. If interested to know, read it out.

Seven statistics about India that are so real are

India ranks 5th in the mobile game downloads

India has been proved as the 5th largest country worldwide in downloading mobile games. It is said that in the coming year, India is going to fail brazil and Russia too. One more important fact is that India has been declared the 5th largest country in downloading skilled games.

India is called as the 2nd largest country in speaking English

As we all know, English is the common language used all over India. After the USA, India is called the largest English-speaking country with a population of almost 125 million speaking English which is just 10 percent of the total population of India.

India has more than 50 per cent female players

It is generally called that games are made for men’s, but India consists of more than 50 per cent female players. This proves that not only men, even female, can do what men cannot.

T-series is the most viewed YouTube channel in India

India views t-series, a youtube channel, more, but even they don’t know about this fact. The t-series has more than 25 million views and subscribers whole over India. Even the views of the t-series beat PewDiePie and Justin Bieber. Still, if you have not viewed t-series and want to learn rummy rules, you may watch the rummy Passion youtube channel for quick revisions.

India has the highest and most extensive cricket ground in the world

India has a cricket ground of almost 2444 meters in Himachal Pradesh. India’s most significant cricket ground exists in Himachal Pradesh, named as Chail cricket ground in Chail of Himachal Pradesh, which was built in the year 1893.

India has more gold in households than the reserves of the country

It is found that people of India like gold with heart, and they have more gold in their households than the reserves of the country. India has reserves of gold more than the reserves of countries together with the USA, Switzerland, Germany, and the IMF.

One-fifth of total earning is spent on weddings

It is a fact that people of India spend one-fifth of their total income on wedding occasions.

Final words

The facts mentioned above about India are 100 percent true. It’s the duty of every individual staying in India to know their country’s resources well. To gather complete and detailed information about the hidden facts of India, you can go through this article. Hope this article will be helpful to you.

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