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When you think about diaper bags, you most likely visualize the classic bag most people use. This is most often a tote-style bag that general shape is similar to a rectangle and may have multiple pockets for storage of needed items. You can however find diaper bags that are more stylish and break this mold by shopping online.

Three Styles of Diaper Bags

There are several retailers on the internet that offer an array of options. There are designs available that make it possible for everyone to find a baby dia[er bag that fits their needs and aesthetic. Some diaper bags may include additional accessories such as stroller straps or baby change mats. Stroller straps are straps that attach to the handle of your stroller and allow you to attach the diaper bag so you can have easy access to it when you are not carrying it.  Most of these diaper bags will fit into one of three style groups.

●     Backpacks-

This style has two straps at a minimum so that the user can wear it on their back and allow them to have their hands free. This option can even let you carry your diaper bag on your back while you have your baby in a carrier attached to your front. It is also considered by most to be the most gender-neutral option.

●     Totes-

This style will have two long straps so you can carry the bag on your shoulder. This is the style most traditional diaper bags fall into. This style of bag can be bulky and hard to carry in some scenarios.

●     Messenger bags-

This style only has one strap that is often adjustable and allows the user to wear it across their body which allows for you to have better use of your arms. This is also a popular gender-neutral option.

Best Diaper Bag of 2021

Freshly Picked Classic Diaper Bag

The Freshly Picked classic diaper bag is a backpack diaper bag that is both stylish and functional. This bag is made from vegan leather and has 10 pockets that allow plenty of space to stow away everything you need. This diaper bag is easily cleaned inside and out. It is also water-resistant inside and out with is a great feature to have in a diaper bag.

Paperclip Willow Recycled Ocean Plastic Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag

The Willow is sold by the company Paperclip this diaper bag looks most like messenger but has staps to be carried as a messenger or a backpack. This diaper bag includes a built-in changing station that would make it possible to change your baby’s diaper anywhere sanitarily. The Willow also includes a cushioned laptop sleeve so that you can carry what you need to work or go to school along with everything you need for the baby.

Product of the North + Babylist Sustainable Elkin Diaper Backpack

This Product of the North backpack diaper bag is a great gender-neutral choice. This backpack has a very laid-back look and most people will not even realize it’s a diaper bag. The bag offers a large oversized main compartment with a large opening that allows you to see everything you have in the bag clearly at a single glance. This option also overs a laptop compartment and has several pockets and compartments to store everything you need for the baby.

This is just a list for you to start your search for the perfect baby diaper bag. The most important feature to keep in mind when choosing a diaper bag is if it fits your style. The best bag for you will be unique just like you are so take your time and explore your options. You will be able to find the perfect diaper bag online and be enjoying all its benefits in no time.

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