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We looked everywhere for great summer short haircuts for women. We found the new baby lights, casual bun hairstyles, plaited braids, and flowers in your hair.

Are you looking for the perfect summer hairstyle?

The time will soon come – summer is just around the corner. And with it new hairstyles! We have ingenious ideas that definitely need to be turned upside down in summer. Hairstyles for fashion, plaited, are great options for long hairstyles, short hairstyles, and fashionable hairstyles that are still popular this autumn. For inspiration, there are also great hair colors that make your hairstyle really work. Trends in summer hairstyles:  braids, eye-catching hair ties and hair accessories, exciting color gradients with brown and caramel tones, extreme blonde tones such as platinum blonde or ash blonde, the new shade of ash brown, and radical cuts like the mullet and the pixie cut.

Pretty summer hairstyles – even more ideas

In summer we are ready to leave inches in Hairstyle Weekly. Our neck urgently needs fresh air! Because when it’s really warm, we appreciate freshness in our heads. Hairstyles like the pixie cut, bob hairstyles, cuts with bangs, and wild hair colors are booming with hairdressers. They give us a new attitude towards life. Namely the airy, light one that we love so much! Our Instagram ideas for the most beautiful summer hairstyles 2022:

For blondes: baby lights

We know highlights different techniques to get them on the hair, too. But we still love this summer trend: Baby lights. The nickname for soft highlights means small, very natural-looking mini highlights, as fine as children’s hair and very gentle in the choice of color and in the course. We’ll show you how to color highlights perfectly!

Bandana’s back

Cool hair accessory for the beach: the bandana is cool again even after the nineties. It also hides sticky hairlines that have suffered a bit from sunscreen and sand.

Nothing is as summery as wild curls

And if you don’t have it on your head from birth, you can finally say the word again at the hairdresser’s that was strictly forbidden from 1995–2015: PERMANENT WAVE! It’s been trendy again since last summer.

Short mushroom head

Who said a summer look calls for long hair? A mushroom head can be just as cool as beach waves and the great thing: It keeps our necks free.


The girlie look is allowed on the beach. The playful version with one braid on the right and one on the left is the ideal hairstyle to protect strands of hair from sunscreen and sweat.

Summer bun

As a mom, you know the fastest hairstyles. The easiest summer hairstyle ever on her Instagram account: the bun. Works just as well with wet hair as it does with dry hair. A great accessory to go with it: a colorfully patterned headband. We know more quick hairstyles…

Feel Free Pixie!

At the latest when the temperatures have exceeded 25 degrees, the pixie wearers are happy about the lightness on their head, a breeze in the neck, and the freedom around their ears. In our photo series, we show you how changeable the pixie cut can be!

The wave

We call this beach hair. And if you don’t sit on the beach, you just cheat like this: Spray a little salt spray on wet hair – done!

Ponytail with a difference

Great beach hairstyle for long manes: tie wet hair in a high braid, divide it into two strands and twirl them neatly. In the evening you have cool beach waves … And that’s how easy it is to spin your beach waves overnight.

Strands of rainbow

In summer we like it colorful. Even – at least on weekends – colorful highlights can put our mane in the mood either dye or clip. Here we have even more ideas for colored hair

Bobs & Bangs

The bob hairstyle is evergreen, but a modern version that has emerged includes a shape that is cut down to the lips. Feathered bangs frame the forehead to the eyebrows, a little longer at the temples and mixed in length. This hairstyle works for any length but looks best when you want to try hairstyles that are a little daring. Hair extensions can be cut and mixed into this shape, but our topper units also add the type of density and volume at the crown to make this work.

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