Signs That Your Ducted Air Conditioning Needs Servicing

Ducted air conditioning systems have a wide range of climate control solutions that allows cool air to flow in the house, increasing comfort. They are integrated with modern technology to enable you to control temperatures from various control points such as tablets, smartphones, and laptops.

Just like any other electrical appliance, ducted air con systems have a lifespan and require regular servicing to keep them in condition. You can contact CW Service pro for a regular maintenance check. The following are signs that your ducted air conditioning needs servicing.

Damaged Ductwork

Running ducts are essential for the performance of ducted air conditioning. They are built using different materials, although many domestic units are made from rubber and plastic.

hvac maintenance in winter park fl is available to both homeowners and commercial businesses. For this reason, many of these firms are able to offer a broad range of services that can include the replacement or installation of central air conditioners or furnaces, under the direction of a licensed HVAC contractor.

Ducts are susceptible to tears, wear, and loose joints throughout the lifespan of ducted air conditioning. Such issues can lead to 30% of air escaping, leading to inefficiency and increased air conditioning bills.

Additionally, damaged ductwork can reduce the lifespan of a system since small cracks and separations can cause corrosion. If servicing isn’t done timely, it may need to be replaced, which is expensive and unnecessary.

Dirty Ducts

If there is separation, gaps, or small cracks in the ducts, the air conditioning system can suck other elements such as pollens, dust, mold, dirt, and other allergens, making the vents extremely dirty. This can have detrimental effects on the air quality and may lead to health hazards such as asthma, eye allergies, and respiratory diseases.

Blocked Ducts

Rats or mice often block ducts, and the damage left behind can be extensive. Damaged ductworks allow air to escape, compromising air circulation and increased energy bills. Moreover, the air that leaves in these infested areas can cause odors and harm the residents’ hygiene.

Clogged or Dirty Filters

Over time, dust and debris can affect the efficiency of any air conditioning system. It may result in a buildup of dust and allergens in the filter, which can be released into the air. These issues are hazardous to individuals who have pre-existing respiratory illnesses like asthma. Hence, regular servicing is recommended, especially when you notice that the dirty filters are filthy.

Electrical Issues

Over time, ducted air conditioning may begin to manifest electrical issues, such as frequent shuts off for no reason. This is mainly caused by circuit breakers that control the electric supply. If the problem isn’t mitigated timely, the system may begin to overheat.

Insulation Issues

Insulation systems help absorb heat which is distributed during the winter via ducting. If the insulation system is damaged, there will be a loss in energy, making the system operate less efficiently. Thus, the ducted air conditioner will take longer to cool or heat the house.

Inadequate Supply Ducts

Duct systems distribute air throughout the house to maintain a comfortable temperature. However, if the supply ducts are poorly designed, it becomes difficult to cool and heat. Hence, servicing is required to install new jumper ducts, return-air grills, and undercutting of doors to ensure constant airflow.

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