Sigsync email signature in delivering a consistent brand experience

Email is now an important tool for communication. An email message has many advantages, including the ability to efficiently deliver information and documents, as well as the ability to communicate directly with thousands of people at once. In addition, every message you send should include an email signature that allows you to brand each message. It establishes and reinforces your company’s core values. By ensuring that each member of your team has a consistent email signature, you can make sure that your brand is instantly recognized by every recipient of your emails. Maintaining a consistent tone in email marketing will be difficult, especially when communicating to a large mailing list. Therefore, you have to make effective use of email signatures to promote your product in each email.

Best solution to promote your brand using professionally looking email signatures

As a leading email signature platform provider, Sigsync email signature manager for Office 365 offers intuitive solutions for centralized email signature management. By creating a centralized system, businesses can provide their employees with well-designed and consistent email signature templates that feature key branding assets, while letting them customize their own signature with photos, social media links, etc. A centralized and cloud based solution ensures that signatures can be added from any device or location and Sigsync provides a variety of custom templates from which you can instantly design signatures for your marketing needs. It is simple and easy to use service without necessitating technical coding skills or HTML knowledge to create graphical email signatures.

How to establish a brand identity using email signature

Make it easy for users to find your company’s information

One of the most underutilised marketing opportunities in everyday business communication is an email signature. A strong signature can help to reinforce who you are and what you stand for. It acts as a secondary marketing channel by enticing recipients to visit your website.

Today’s users simply don’t have time to trudge through websites to find critical information. Therefore, businesses must eliminate any obstacles in making this process as easy as possible. Additionally, email signatures are the perfect place to showcase company accolades and provide shortcuts to useful information and high-traffic website pages.

You can easily attract a large number of users by combining social media and email signatures. Customers’ loyalty can be increased by including links to social media in your email signature. As a result, the audience engaging with your brand grows, opening up new marketing opportunities.

Customize the signature and give it a personal touch

Many of us miss face-to-face conversations after relying on digital channels of communication such as instant messages and emails for a year. Email signatures help to establish a connection between a sender and a recipient thereby personalising and improving interactions. A profile image, for example, can easily connect with your recipients strengthening client and business relationships.

Get people’s opinions and feedback from time-to-time

For every technical solution, customer feedback is very important. As a result, customer feedback is the key in improving quality deliverables. Email signatures provide recipients with the chance to show their appreciation, express concerns, or simply ask a question. By using customer feedback boxes, you can understand the customer requirements and improve your product quality. By conducting these surveys, respondents feel heard and businesses can gain valuable feedback at every step of the customer’s journey with the product.

Sigsync is a top-rated, highly reliable, and affordable email signature service.

With Sigsync, branding your email signature has never been easier. Personalise the look of your company’s email signatures by adding banners, social media links and a profile image or request a free live demo of the service to get started. Regardless of the device used to send them, all emails sent from your organisation will feature secure and rule-based email signatures. It is an affordable, highly reliable, and high-ranking Office 365 email signature solution for your professional requirements providing 24/7 technical support and offering discounts of more than 75%.


Without the use of email signatures, it is difficult to establish a brand identity. Native methods lack features for inserting visually appealing graphics and banners in email signatures, and it is difficult to maintain corporate consistency. Sigsync email signature reduces your workload by adding centralized and cloud-based signatures to any device. It is easy to use, simple to create email signatures and convenient to manage in a single place. Brand identity can be established by making information easily accessible to recipients, adding a personal touch, and soliciting feedback on a regular basis, all of which is possible with an email signature.

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