Six Secrets to get a Perfect Car Wraps

You might have noticed vehicles wrapped with attractive graphics. These tend to take your attention, especially during traffic hours. reveals that 98% of in-car passengers notice truck-side ads. This number tells us the increasing use of such ads.

The customized car wraps and graphics industry is growing exponentially in recent years. This is why many print shops have stepped into this market to explore great opportunities and fill their pockets.

But wraps are not easy to create. There are a variety of factors to consider when you’re looking for a perfect wrap. Some of them are as listed below:

  1. Design

Designing a business card is easier than designing a car wrap. You may ask why. In the business card, you simply have to add your company’s name, logo, contact details and Voila! You’re done. But this is not the situation when you design a car wrap.

The cars are not flat like business cards. Thus, it becomes essential to make sure to notice every curve of the car and then design the wrap. One must possess the vehicle templates for designing the car wraps.

You need to keep a check on every angle and space too so that no amount of information is distorted. It should be easy to read and understand. Only then, it will lay an impact on the minds of the audience. You can get such customized designs from shops like Most Wanted Garage.

  1. Material

Like in any other product, you need to consider the material in car wraps also. There are a variety of vinyl manufacturers providing both high- and low-quality materials. Some of the best ones are 3M, Avery, and Arlon.

If you want to use the same wrap for a longer period of time, you need to ensure that the shopkeeper is using high-quality vinyl. You just cannot ask to use 3M Vinyl. There are a variety of subcategories available in the same brand. You need to understand the basic differences in these and then choose your product.

Also, ensure that the right quality of laminate is used with the vinyl. Otherwise, your wrap will start to fade or pop out from its location.

  1. Production

After these two steps, the production of vinyl wrap is an important secret. You cannot use any normal printer for this purpose. There are specialized vinyl printers that the shopkeepers use to print car wraps.

However, before placing an order with the shopkeeper, you must take note of their print profile. A print profile is a code that they give to the printer which specifically indicates how much ink has to be laid on the vinyl to generate high-quality results.

Many shopkeepers avoid this step and use the same profile for all wraps. This produces low-quality and dull results.

  1. Preparation

This is the most time-consuming step. Here, you prepare a car to be installed with the wrap. Then the installer reaches every inch of your car to make it clean and wax-free. The car was washed a day prior and dried totally.

A special solution is used to clean the car to avoid any wax elements. After this, the car is again wiped with alcohol to remove the smallest dirt. A small lift will also make the entire wrap fall apart.

  1. Facility

Car wraps are not easy-going. You need proper facilities to install these wraps on your cars. Don’t opt for outdoor facilities because it will have a lot of dust. This will ruin your entire hard work of cleaning the car.

Indoor facilities work best. But here also, the temperature matters. If the temperature is high, it will stretch the wrap. And if the temperature is low, it will shrink the wrap. Thus, a proper temperature has to be maintained.

  1. Installation

The installation is the most difficult part as it needs training. An untrained person can ruin the look of the wrap. The trimming of the wrap to the correct size requires a lot of training and patience. Installers use their own techniques and tools to overcome this challenge. You can call the installation perfect only when it looks like the wrap is painted on the car.

So, these are the six secrets behind the perfect car wrap. If you want to achieve it with utmost perfection, don’t skip or fast-forward any of these steps.

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