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Five reel slots are the most popular slot games online as they have a lot to offer players. 5 reel slots are easy to play, and they offer more chances of winning than classic slot machines.

As the name suggests, these games have five adjacent reels, which means they have more paylines than classic slots. Games with five reels can be played for real money, and most online slot games of this kind come with bonuses to make things more exciting.

How To Play Five Reel Games

5 reel slot machines are very popular at online casinos because they can be easy to play while still offering a good range of prizes. They are the most popular online slots available, and the aim is to find a winning combination of symbols on the reels. 

Many of these 5 reel slot games have progressive jackpots which come from their bonuses. If you play online, you will know that many slots have several bonus features as a way to increase the final jackpot and help players find more winning combinations.

You can win real money when you start playing five reel slots, and the slot pays out based on the coin value used in the game. Slots with multiple pay lines like 5 reel slots give players more opportunities to find new winning combinations and matching symbols on the reels than those with three reels which is why they can offer a range of prizes.

A 5 reel slot is usually made with high-quality graphics and a fun theme to make it attractive to players.

Bonuses in Five Reel Games

How many reels a slot has can determine how big the prizes are, which is why players love 5 reel slots. 

These online casino games also use bonuses or have bonus games within the game to make the prizes even better. Five reel slot machines can come with bonus symbols such as wild symbols, stacked symbols, and sticky symbols that can take over the cascading reels to help players win bonus money. 

There are now also ghoulish bonus features such as a freaky free spins round in modern video slots, which is triggered by the wild symbol. Landing on special symbols in five reel slot games such as the scatter symbol or wilds on the leftmost reel can trigger the free spins bonus game. In some cases, these symbols can take over the entire reel meaning more reels are in play. 

In free spins rounds, players will be given bonus spins that can be used on the slot machine for additional prizes. There is a max bonus limit for free spins bonuses based on the max bet made by players.

Almost all gaming machines, like high jackpot slots, have at least one bonus feature as software providers understand that this is what players want.

Casinos can also offer more bonus rounds through their welcome bonuses, which are given to players with their first minimum deposit. First deposit bonuses can be given for all online casino types, and the five reel slot stands within this category.

Free casino games may also have mini-games or scatter symbols, but these online casino slots types do not offer cash prizes. In these games, a free slots bonus round will offer more coins. 

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