Some fantastic tips and tricks for playing GTA 5 on mobile

Playing games on mobile phones is a very convenient way of entertaining yourself. People nowadays are switching to mobile games as they can play them anywhere and anytime. Talking about the games, Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular game. This game was earlier played on the computer, but now this games has also been introduced to mobile devices. The mobile gaming world has been upgraded to a new level after this game has been introduced. The GTA 5 mobile can be downloaded from the respective app stores of your android and ios devices.

In this game, there is a person who is a part of a mafia gang, and he has to do some tasks or missions. Passing all those missions will take you to new levels every time, and you will win the game after completing all the missions. This game gives you fantastic graphics which will make you feel like you are in the game. To make your game more exciting, you need to learn some tips and tricks that will help you play your game more effectively. Let’s discuss them.

Maximize your critical skills  

You should max your critical skills in the game of the person which you have chosen. There are three choices in persons, two are males, and one is female. Critical skills here refer to some skills of the person which will help you in accomplishing the missions efficiently. The two main critical skills which should be improved is the skill of shooting and flying. You should try the guns at ammunition and make aims through it to make your shooting better. Flying skills can be improved by flying planes and choppers in the flight school, which is in Los Santos airport.

Make money from the stock market

There is money in the game, which is essential for buying so many things in the game. You can make money easily by investing in the stock market. Make small investments in two exchanges, LCN and BAWSAQ. These markets can be easily accessed by your mobile phones. LCN is found to be a more volatile and convenient market as it offers steep and precocious drops in the stocks. BAWSAQ is found to be safer, but its outcomes are very low. You should play in these stocks if you want to play the game smartly. For investing in these stocks, you have to listen to the news and all the information pro0vided in the game. The phone calls made by the character with his fellows (especially with Lester) should be listened carefully as this will help you to invest effectively.

Think unique at the time of police chase

Think unique and different when the police are behind. If you do any crime in this game, the police will come behind you in a second as we have them in real. One common thing which comes to everyone’s mind is that we all find a vehicle to rescue ourselves from them. There is also the level of police like there are five stars in the game; if all of them gets filled, police will come behind you with every possible source of them. You can bluff them by going off-road as it will be difficult for them to come behind you in that place, and the stars will decrease automatically.

Another way of shaking cops in the game is that you should jump off to a lower state. You can also go over fences and under bridges, and they won’t be able to catch them in those places.

Remember your special abilities

This game offers you three characters that you can use to play the game. Each character has different characteristics of them. You should learn their special abilities and after that, choose the character. Franklin is one of the characters who have the ability to slow down time while driving any vehicle. Michael canal does slow down the time, but he has the unique ability pf doing it at the time of shootouts which helps him to save himself. Trevor is the third character which has the ability to absorb tons of damage on it at the time of the shootout.

Using these special abilities will help you in playing the game in a better way. Improve these abilities whenever you get the chance. Franklin is found to be the best as it helps you to slow down the traffic, and you can make fast moves at that time, which will help you I completing the missions quickly.

Collect online coupons

Playing games on mobile will offer you so many coupons which are beneficial for your game. You should collect those coupons as these will be beneficial for your game, and you can accomplish your missions more easily. Some of the coupons offer you money, and you can use that money to buy equipments for the game. These coupons are like bonuses to you, but be aware that they should not be offered by a fake website to you.

Stay connected to your friends

Your character of the game will receive so many texts, emails and phone calls from his/her friends. You should always respond to them. This is because they will be beneficial for your character in future. Don’t make your character a boring and annoying person who does not respond to his friends. These friends will become useful in future missions, and you should revert them on time. These messages will be seen on the mobile phone of your character, and you can revert his friends from the same.


Summing up all this, we can say that GTA mobile is a fantastic game and the gamers have an excellent experience by playing it. This fantastic game can be played at any time and anywhere as it is introduced on the mobile phone also. You should learn some tips also to play the game more effectively. Some of the tips have been discussed above, which are Maximize your critical skills, Make money from the stock market, Remember your special abilities, Collect online coupons and Stay connected to your friends.

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