Are you interested in visiting Pakistan? The first thing we have to take into account on our trip to Pakistan is what we want to know. We are looking to get to know the great mountains by doing some trekking or we are looking for a more cultural trip. A trip knowing its cities and its most touristic places. If so, the city of Lahore will occupy several days, as will Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. These two cities are separated by about three hundred and seventy-five kilometers.


If you are going to travel to Pakistan we will start by knowing its geographical location. This country is located in South Asia, between India (east), Afghanistan (west) and Iran (southwest). To the north, its borders touch China through the impressive Karakoram Mountain Range, already in the Himalayas. To the south it is washed by the Arabian Sea (Indian Ocean). Pakistan is well known for its relatively poor security situation compared to its neighboring countries but by choosing the right tourist sites, you can reduce the risk significantly.

How can we go there?

There are several airlines that you can use to go to the country. However PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) is the “official airline” serving more routes. This airline serves flights from Sydney, Melbourne, Dubai, and other major cities. You can order any PIA ticket here.

Territories and States of Pakistan

In this country we find 5 Provinces, 1 Capital Territory and Tribal Areas. Pakistan has an area of   about 800,000 km², where about 200 million inhabitants live together.

Provinces of Pakistan

  1. Baluchistan.
  2. Khaiber Pakhtunjuá.
  3. Punjab.
  4. Sind.
  5. Gilgit-Baltistan.

Federal Capital Territory

  1. Capital Islamabad.

When traveling to Pakistan it will be good for us to know some things so as not to have any shocks on our trip. The Visa is necessary to enter and can be requested from our embassy in Pakistan or obtain the visa online. Once there, the police controls will be the order of the day. Traveling with good insurance is mandatory to always be well covered for what may happen. This country is absolutely safe for tourists and travelers. However, you always have to be on guard as in any other country in the world. Depending on the areas where you travel, it will be more or less safe. Being near the border with Afghanistan, where there are hardly any tourists, is not the same as being in the area that brings together the most travelers in the province of Gilgit – Baltistan.

Another thing you should know is that you always have to haggle to get a good price. If you are going to move around the country on your own, by bus or train, you have to be patient. You can always hire a tour of the country with a travel agency. They will accompany you to the most interesting places. They are not expensive, but be careful, sometimes what is too cheap becomes much more expensive. You should deal with a reputable transportation service provider. You might need to pay more but you would be safe.

Temperatures in Pakistan

If you are going to travel to Pakistan you have to be very well informed about the temperatures that you will find when you travel there. Keep in mind that it is a country of mountains. The normal thing is that you move through different places with enough altitude if you go to the north, to the Himalayas. It is more than clear that warm clothes, even in summer, should not be missing in our suitcase. If you are going to travel through the coastal area and the central area, temperatures can reach up to 40 degrees in summer or be extremely cold in winter.

Religion in Pakistan

The most widely practiced religion in Pakistan is Muslim. It is an Islamic country par excellence with 95 percent of the faithful between Sunnis and Shiites. The Sunnis (80%) are faithful to the Qur’an and Sunna. The rest of Muslims are Shiites (15%). The other religions in Pakistan are more minority. Christians 2% or Hindus (1.8%) in addition to others with fewer followers.

More information

For those who are looking for impressive landscapes, we will tell you that “Fairy Meadows” are meadows that some German climbers baptized as the “Fairy Tale Meadows”. They are located in the vicinity of the Nanga Parbat Base Camp and since 1995 the Pakistani authorities declared this place a national park.

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