South Korea National Football Team

The South Korean national football team (famous as Korean Republic by FIFA) represents South Korea in the men’s football world. The Korea Football Association governs the team. South Korean football team has proven their presence by depicting outclass performance in the football world and you can also watch รีวิวเกมส์.

The team has emerged as a significant football power in Asia since the 80s and is recognized as the most successful Asian football team. They have participated in 9 straight and overall 10 FIFA world cup tournaments, which are the most for any Asian country.

Their start to the world cup journey wasn’t great as they lost all their games in the first five tournaments. Later on, they emerged back strongly and became the only Asian team to qualify for the semi-final stage in 2002. This year, they co-hosted the tournament with Japan.

Furthermore, South Korea has won five titles and is seven-time runners-up in the AFC Cup and the senior Asian Games. A common nickname of South Korea is “Reds,” which is given by both, i.e., fans and media. This name has been given owing to the color of their primary kit. The group supporting the South Korean team is referred to as the Red Devils. You can also read here: ราคาไหล.

History of Korean National Football Team

The introduction of football in Korea dates back to 1882 when British sailors from HMS Flying Fish played a game on their vessel to the Incheon Port. The country became a Japanese colony back in 1905.

All Joseon Football Tournament in 1921 and the Joseon Football Tournament Association in 1928 can be regarded as the two essential things that set the foundation of football in Korea. Korean team participated in many competitions with the Japanese team from around 1926. Joseon Football Club turned out to be the de facto national team for the Koreans. They also won the 1935 Emperor’s cup. Furthermore, the Koreans also played for the Japanese national team. The most notable name is Kim Yong-Sik, who played for Japan during the Summer Olympics in 1936.

Right after establishing the South Korean State in the late 1940s, the Korean Football Association was founded in 1948 and joined FIFA. In the same year, the South Korean national team made its debut international appearance and their first game against Mexico in the Summer Olympics 1948.

First World Cup Appearance of South Korean National Football Team

South Korean national team appeared in the FIFA world cup qualification round for the first time in 1954. They were successful in reaching the 1954 FIFA world cup by beating Japan.

The South Korean national team is the first fully-independent Asian nation and the only second Asian team to participate in the world cup after Indonesia.

South Korea National Football Team Kit

The South Korean national football team’s traditional shirt color is red, due to which they are nicknamed Reds. Their fans are called as Red Devils. However, the color of the away shirt varies between white and blue.

The home shirt shifted from red to white back in 1994. However, in October 1995, red returned as a home color paired with black shorts.

The South Korean team used to wear the South Korean flag on their shirt as a shirt badge until 2001 until their tiger crest was unveiled. Later in February 2020, this badge was replaced with a new minimalistic logo presented by KFA.

This emblem contained the tiger in it in an enclosed rectangular frame. The design was much more minimalistic. The red, blue, and white colors, which are the traditional colors of South Korea, have been maintained in the logo.

Rivalries of South Korean National Team

The biggest rivalry of South Korea is Japan. This rivalry is regarded as an extension of the competitive rivalry between the two nations beyond football. South Korea has an edge in winning games while playing against Japan.

Other rivalries of South Korea include:

  • Iran
  • Australia
  • China
  • North Korea

Home Stadium of Korean Republic Team

South Korean national team played their first home game at the Dongdaeum Stadium on April 21, 1956. This match was played against the Philippines, and it was a qualifier of the 1956 AFC Asian cup. The team plays their games in different stadiums, which are also used by K League clubs.

The Supporters of the South Korean National Team

As mentioned earlier, the supporters of the South Korean team are named as Red Devils. This support group was founded back in 1995. For depicting passionate support, they are also known as the 12th man.

Their most famous slogan is Dae~han Minguk, which means Republic of Korea or mighty Korea. This slogan follows five traditional claps.

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