Strategic Sourcing Software

Strategic sourcing software is a process that creates effectiveness across all over the spend categories. With improved supplier selection and strategic sourcing software minimized the supply risks and also give them visibility into forecasting and pricing. Strategic sourcing software also achieves cost savings. It is an approach that formalizes the way supply chain management gathers information and in return uses this information effectively and correctly. To find the best possible values in the marketplace, an organization can use its consolidated purchasing power, as well as into the business goals as they align its purchasing strategy. Typically include the functional capabilities by the strategic sourcing software applications includes data collection, project management, saving track, team collaboration, category management, and a supplier marketplace. To make their procurement processes less shortsighted and focused on price, businesses can use strategic sourcing software. There are thousands of business strategic sourcing software available to choose the right business way.

Market Dojo:

Market Dojo is a supply chain management solution and also is cloud-based strategic sourcing software. A key feature includes auction planning and event management, white labeling, user management, and reporting. The user can decide as per their considerations because the supplier questionnaires allow users to score bids. Commonly used in the RFQ events market, Dojo strategic sourcing software for managing documents also includes a participant database and a documents library.


Specifically for distributors and importers, VISCO strategic sourcing software is designed, emphasizing on chemical, seafood, plastic, and wine. For warehouse management, it is an integrated system, procurements features, and inventory management.

By integrating with QuickBooks, lot tracking, fully-functional CRM module with emphasis on costing, VISCO can provide an ERP system and importing compliance. For import and export to developing all necessary documents, uses Microsoft office integration. Directly from the database, the document management module pulls data.

VISCO will assess the issue and send an email notification when problems arise during the distribution process to the correct team member.


Prokuria strategic sourcing software is a cloud-based platform for supplier management and automated, which helps procurement teams worldwide deliver high cost and time savings. In addition, to improve internal collaboration among the stakeholders, procure strategic sourcing software. It provides the users with tools to streamline sourcing to procurement processes.

Key features include RFP management, commenting, scoreboards, email capture, notifications, task management, and more.


Anvyi strategic sourcing software is a supplier management platform. This software helps businesses across various verticals like health and wellness, suppliers, fashion, food, and beverage manage manufacturing workflow, and more. The platform includes the sourcing tool to verify the suppliers. These sourcing tools enable organizations to work and find vendors, and for the quotations also submits requests.

To handle the production via follow-up with suppliers, receive alerts for the pending project, track project status, and automated check-ins, anvyi offers all these logistics tools and output, allowing the enterprises. In addition, it also offers numerous features such as bulk data import, alerts, document management, updates, messaging, and more.

Vendor Panel:

Vendor Panel strategic sourcing software is a cloud-based procurement solution. With source to contract operation, this software is specially designed for commercial organizations and the government. This software solution offers contract management, reporting, and analytic capabilities, RFx functionality, comparisons and supplier evaluations.

Into one unified sourcing platform vendor panel can centralize all supplier sourcing operations. With a request wizard view, all submitted responses from one system and suppliers, users can send easy-to-use RFxs forms. To determine procurement decisions against specific criteria, supplier’s responses can be evaluated and assessed. To determine local sourcing goals using an integrated map, businesses can track and view all suppliers.

Strategic sourcing software process steps:

There are different steps of the strategic sourcing software process, which have many variations. Such as,

  • Used by the business to analyze product categories, departments, and process that are involved and spending the patterns.
  • Select suppliers and negotiate with.
  • Create a supplier portfolio by analyzing the supplier market.
  • Into existing processes integrated suppliers, outsourcing providers, or onboarding any new vendors
  • Based on a business goal, develop a sourcing strategy.
  • As needed, optimize the sourcing plan and also track the performance metrics.
  • For the templates and proposal criteria, define the request.

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