Suggestions for Decorating Your Binders and Notebooks for Maximum Productivity

There are many reasons people procrastinate. Contrary to popular belief, procrastinating largely has nothing to do with laziness. Some of the reasons people put off important tasks include:

  • Lack of emotional self-regulation or the ability to manage our negative perceptions or moods around specific tasks and to-dos
  • Some of us also have very low self-esteem, thinking that we don’t have what it takes to do the task and to do it well
  • Some love the thrill of submitting something at the last minute or just before the deadline
  • Some are avoiders and are afraid of how their work will be judged
  • Some are incredibly indecisive and have a hard time making important decisions during stressful moments
  • Another contributing factor to procrastination is drudgery or being so bored by repetitive tasks that they just put off doing it

If you have a hard time studying due to the above factors, why not consider making arts and crafts a big part of your studying routine? Studies show that engaging in craftwork, making things with your hands, and even the simple act of beautifying things you see every day can be healing and therapeutic. If all your binders and notebooks all look the same and you get bored just by looking at them, consider designing your school supplies (and even your desk!) to give yourself some inspiration to study.

If you find yourself lacking the motivation to study, you can use design, arts, and crafts to get you back on the groove. Here are some tips for decorating your binders and notebooks for maximum productivity.

Find supplies and decorative elements

There are plenty of ways to find cute supplies without breaking the bank. From specialty stores to recycling old magazines, you can be sure to find small items you can incorporate into your binder and notebook covers without having to splurge. Here are some items and supplies you can use for crafting:

  • Look for supplies from online stores. There are plenty of cute stationery, stickers, special papers, art prints, cards, washi tapes, ink pads, and rubber stamps on the market that you can invest in to design your binder or notebook cover in a way that reflects your personality and aesthetic.
  • Recycle old cards and letters you received from people. If you have ever received cute birthday cards or holiday tags as well as dried flowers and fancy ribbons, consider adding them to your covers as well.

Decorate your main binder or notebook

If you have a gift for graphic design or making publicity materials for your school activities, think of designing your binders or notebooks in the same way. A plain and empty notebook cover does not inspire and gives you no incentive to open it, whereas a binder that has all your favorite things might provide you with the energy you need to get off your bed and go through your notes. Here are some tips for decorating your binder or notebook:

  • Follow the same basic design principles. You can follow the 60-30-10 color design rule, which states that 60 percent of the space should have a dominant color, 30 percent should have the secondary texture or color, and the last 10 percent should have the accent one. Choose at least three colors that you want for the cover to ensure that the design does not look too chaotic.
  • When deciding on how you’re going to design your binder, don’t just stick in any elements you find pretty—there must be a rhyme and reason for the placement of the design elements. Pick smaller design elements that look good beside each other. Don’t be quick to stick the design elements to the cover; lay them out first and make plans before you permanently stick anything.
  • Consider doing mixed media. You don’t need to stick to printed design elements; you can paint one part of the cover, use stickers for another part, and even create your own graphic design through Photoshop and just print it. When it comes to designing, the possibilities are endless! Let your creativity run wild and think of ways to express your unique personality and interests through the design.
  • Watch tutorials on YouTube to see how other artsy students are designing their notebooks and binders.

Let’s face it: Studying can be hard, especially at a time when we also have to contend with so many distractions. Encourage yourself to study by surrounding yourself with pretty things, from your study desk to your binders and notebooks—and see how it boosts your motivation to study. You can do it!

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