They have crafted collections around an environmentally conscious, ethical vegan culture, that is slowly gaining cult status. Aiming to provide the modern, environmentally conscious yet stylish individual with elegant luxurious offerings.

Creating a fully vegan and luxurious brand by choice and not by accident wasn’t always easy. The brand takes pride in the fact that it doesn’t use leather, silk, fur, feathers, sheepskin and no shearing. As stated by the founder Suveria Mota “I want to provide elegant, classy and timeless luxury fashion without the cruelty that comes from using animal based materials.”

Established in 2019, SUVERIA started by offering women’s footwear. In the Spring of 2022, the brand plans to introduce vegan and cruelty-free free makeup, along with costume jewelry.

The brand prides itself on offering packaging that is both reminiscent of other luxury brand while being 100% sustainable. Its white boxes with its red logo is made of post consumer recycled paper. The box inserts are also made from recycled paper printed with vegetable based ink.

Dominican Republic born, New York City raised, Suveria Mota launched SUVERIA in 2019. The first truly vegan luxury lifestyle brand. As an actress in her post college years, she always had a passion for the limelight, arts and fashion.

After deciding to make the switch to a plant based diet and adopting a vegan lifestyle, she found her new calling. A need for quality vegan footwear in the luxury market.

A true trailblazer making strides with a vegan luxury brand, merging elegant designs with luxurious craftsmanship and tastefully timeless designs. Perfectly suited for today’s generation of modern compassionate fashionable individuals.

The solution is SUVERIA. A brand for those who love the environment, animals or who simply wish to wear elegant luxury goods without the use of any animal components.

Proving that vegan fashion can co-exist in the luxury market.

For the beginning of 2022, the brand started incorporating more color and a maximalist style to their advertisement campaigns. With the use of colorful backdrops, clothing, opulent costume jewelry, satin gloves and faux fur, the brand wants to be know and seen as a maximalist vegan luxury brand that doesn’t shy away from color, texture and styles.

With the addition of jewelry and makeup in the Spring of 2022, SUVERIA hopes to tap into a new set of customers. Consumers that are ready for a truly vegan luxury lifestyle brand.

The brand went through a rebranding earlier in 2001 that saw a name change in the brand. New packaging, website url, social media handles and new marketing material. Expect to see more offerings in the future. The goal is to provide a new product offering in new categories every six months. Some ideas in the pipeline are handbags, clothing, homeware, sunglasses and perhaps even something in the electronic field.

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