Swan Lake Compound 6 October

Located in the 6th of October City, Swan Lake Compound 6 October offers plenty of space, greenery, and all the amenities and security that you could want in a place to call home. Hassan Allam Company was keen to provide all the requirements that customers dream of, especially in systems Payment and installments.

Swan Lake Compound 6 October

The compound is characterized by its large area, as the project area reached 50 acres, and it was divided as follows:

-The largest percentage of the project was allocated to green lands, landscapes, and artificial lakes, which added more beauty to the complex’s shape.
-The remaining space is allocated to service and recreational units and buildings.

Swan Lake 6th of October Compound is characterized by a wonderful design, comparable in beauty to the most luxurious well-known European places, and the design includes the following:

-Attention to decorating the resort in colors appropriate to the surrounding nature.
-All units directly overlook the sea.

The interior designs of the units are distinguished by sophistication and engineering beauty, as evidenced by the following:

-The simplicity of the unit’s interior design, which combines different and varied architectural arts, gives an incomparable aesthetic character.
-Pay attention to increasing the space inside the unit; To allow more movement and freedom.
-Units are delivered with super lux finishing.

Swanlake West Units Space

  • Villas with a space starting from 350 m² up to 548 m².
  • Also, Twinhouses with a space starting from 237 m².
  • Townhouses with a space starting from 185 m².

Swan Lake West 6 October Prices

  • Villas prices range from 16,467,497 million Egyptian pounds up to 19,072,732 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Twinhouses prices range from 14,911,341 million Egyptian pounds.
  • Townhouses prices range from 7,302,186 million Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the prices and spaces of the available units are constantly updated. For the latest updates of the price list, please check out Swanlake West listings.

Swan Lake 6 October Compound Services

  • There is a health club with the latest types of relaxation and recreation.
  • There is a gym where the customer can play his favorite game.
  • The social club states create a state of interdependence between the members of the compound, through the practice of many social activities within the club.
  • There is a wonderful mall, which carries among its halls the most famous international brands, and is characterize by its large area and the diversity of its brands.
  • Wide landscaping and green spaces surround the compound of Swan Lake 6th of October.
  • Which runners and athletes enjoy, and who enjoy their time among the beautiful water fountains.

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