4 Popular Styles of Men’s Polo Shirts

Sweatshirts were mainly worn during workout time, but the latest trend has turned sweatshirts into ordinary clothing. There are different ways in which sweatshirts for men are worn, and it has seen many changes over the years. There are many kinds of sweatshirts for men, and it has expanded into new lengths. With the all-new types of sweatshirts for men, the versatility has increased, and it has become difficult to know which one looks better on you. This article is a guide to buy best sweatshirts for men online and helps you learn how to pair them to stand out in the crowd.

Grey Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts for men paired with jeans are an all-time favorite and a comfortable outfit that you can invest in. It can be a very casual to an elegant look. But what matters the most is the design that you are going to choose and also the pants that you decide to pair them with. Always a solid dark color, along with jeans, is a better choice. One must-have is the grey-colored sweater with indigo jeans for a relaxed and clean look.

Red Sweatshirt

Another blind choice for all seasons is the combination of black pants along with a red sweatshirt for men. It can be easily put together and can be paired with white shoes. This gives you a complete look that can be worn daily. For a classy appearance, pair a red sweatshirt for men with navy chinos. And for a classic ensemble pair of black and white sports sneakers.

Green Sweatshirt

Oversized outfits are in the latest trends, and there is nothing like an oversized sweatshirt for men for a street-style vibe. For a very basic simple style, this is considered an option to be laid-back. Go for the new trendy green color for the sweatshirts for men, and choose one or two sizes up for an oversized look. Match your oversized green sweatshirt with black bottom to stand out from the crowd. You can also choose to go with a white bottom for an even more stylish look.

Navy Sweatshirt

Nail the suave look with the latest trendy color, Navy blue. Go for the classic white navy blue combination look. No matter what your skin tone is, this color is going to suit everyone. Make sure that your navy blue sweatshirts for men and white chinos have the best fit. For more compliments, choose white shoes, and voila, you are ready.

Black Sweatshirt

Sweatshirts being a casual style, can be paired up quickly without much effort. Layer black sweatshirts for men with a jacket for a relaxed look. You can also put on an overcoat or a black leather jacket which all provide an elegant look. Pair them with darker colors like navy blue or black with a skinny fit, along with boots for winter.

Maroon Sweatshirts

If red is not your lucky color go for maroon. Even though it is not as bright as red, maroon gives you an attractive and appealing look. It is an attractive color for casual or even formal outings. Men can wear this color with utmost confidence. It looks good in all skin tones, particularly the common Indian skin tones. Pair the maroon sweatshirts for men with white, black, blue, or grey pants. To get more compliments on your way ahead, pair them with maroon pants and a military jacket. Even denim or beige color jackets will go well with a maroon sweatshirt. Go for white or black leather shoes or sneakers to complete the whole look. Snow boots can give you a more stylish look.

White Sweatshirts

White sweatshirts for men can easily elevate your wardrobe with their pristine shade. This gives you an uncomplicated style statement, whether it is a classic crew neck or a white hoodie. Pair the white sweatshirts with blue denim for a classic look. To maintain the clean and relaxed look, pair it with darker shades; even black goes well with the white sweatshirts. To detract from the classic look, pair it with white or black color footwear.

Tips for pairing them

To make the head turn when you walk into the room, pair them with the right clothing items to get the classic look.


  1. Pair an oversized sweatshirt for men with fit pants, preferably skinny fit. This gives you a more put-together look while you can stay relaxed all day. Be it for the class or for celebrating casual weekends.
  2. Joggers are another trendy option that you can follow for a practical yet stylish look. You can pull off your day casually with this next-level relaxed look.


  1. Jackets are the best option for a slick, street look. For a pop of color let the waistband come even below the jacket. For a head-turning outfit, pair it with a stylish haircut.

For a surfer look, pull on your sweatshirts for men with sandals. Slip-on or flip-flops both are a great combo for your oversized sweatshirt.

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