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It is no longer surprising to see how smartphones are gradually becoming the most important companions of life thanks to the incredible functionality of the devices and the emergence of new models, which improve the specialists of the companies-developers every minute. Who of us ten years ago would have believed that he could hold in his hands an incredibly powerful cell phone with a huge display, 8-core processor, and performance like a desktop computer. The modern smartphone is not only a great assistant in everyday life but also a good option for entertainment and recreation, in it you can freely play video games, watch movies or choose casino sites with the best casino bonuses.

With the game, you distract from the bustle of the city and the constant motion, relax and get a good mood. And, if there is a question about buying a game phone, it is legitimate to think about the specifics and special characteristics of such devices, because now modern games have not small system requirements. About them and let’s talk.

Smartphone system requirements for modern games

There are a number of key requirements for the success of any application for cell phones, regardless of the platform on which it will be deployed. With these, your gadget will give you not only a pleasant game but also give the comfort of the process, where there will be no lag or accidental crashes of the application.


The ideal choice for powerful games is to choose a smartphone with a RAM size of 3-4 GB, but in no case, less than 1 GB, otherwise many games will hang, and already more advanced products risk not running on a similar device. 2 GB is also a good choice, but only if the player has a “small appetite” for games and graphics of these games.

An optimally chosen version will protect against continuous errors, freezes, spontaneous closing. Of course, you can reload the game or smartphone the old-fashioned way, but it does not solve the problem and in the near future you may need a new smartphone.

Processor power

This element is extremely important because the processor processes the game data and is responsible for its display on the display. The main characteristics of the power of the smartphone, which the developers focus their attention on are the processor frequency and the number of cores. The modern market is already trying to get rid of gadgets with a number of cores less than two.

Lovers of powerful toys need to immediately stop your choice of 4 and 8 cores with a high frequency. Such smartphones will be able to give you the stable performance of applications and, at least in the next few years, will not be a problem when trying to not only install more modern games or applications but also to run them smoothly.


ROM or permanent (internal) memory is the parameter that is the most important in the modern world. Today’s applications have become more demanding on the amount of available memory. Only 5 years ago the average size of an installed application was 30-40 MB, today utilities take up from 100 to 300 MB of internal memory.

Additional requirements


Modern gaming phones require a high-capacity battery. The optimal minimum for an average application or game is a battery of at least 3000 mAh. This amount is enough for 3-4 hours of continuous play, even with 3D graphics, and 4-6 hours for the simpler toys.

The size of the display

The smartphone screen, which will be often used for the toys must have a high resolution and large size, so now more and more games require an optimal screen size relatively higher than before. This is due not only to usability but also to the quality of the picture or action. Manufacturers now prefer screens with a resolution of HD1280x720 and a diagonal of 5 inches.

Forecast of future smartphone system requirements for games

The range of modern smartphones includes many models, including entry-level gadgets with modest specifications. According to insiders, Google is preparing to tighten the requirements for the internals of new mobile devices – soon many of them will only be able to get a Go-version of operating memory, and some models will remain without branded services of the search giant.

What to say then about the games?

With each year will be developed more and more games, and the lion’s share of them will have standard requirements – yet the bulk of the developers will present products with inflated requirements because the world of smartphones is increasingly moving to create mini-computers that will fit in your pocket.


No matter how relatively demanding smartphones are now, yet the whole world does not stand still, and especially in the sphere of technology. Dozens of smartphones are being developed every day, and they are presented with much more impressive capabilities even compared to those of a year ago, what to say about games…
Game developers create more and more demanding games because everyone wants to follow the technology, which means that in the near future every smartphone user will be forced to change his device to a more modern one, to be able to play the games we are accustomed to steadily and unhindered.


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