Take a Break and Enjoy These Desserts

We all deserve a dessert break! Scientific studies have proven that desserts are good for your mental health. Desserts have compounds and nutrients that augment the release of happy hormones and also help in optimal brain functioning. The brain and the sugar content found in desserts are also beneficial for physical health.

We all go through periods of breakdown, monotony and sadness. The sure and easy way to come out of it healthily is to order cake online in Delhi or wherever else you reside. Eaten in moderation will be beneficial to your health. You can end your meal with a bite of a spoonful of dessert. Sometimes a big slice of pastry won’t hurt either.

So, do not avert desserts completely. The cakes and desserts are sweet for your health and life. Incorporate them into your diet and lead a life high on serotonin and dopamine; undoubtedly, many of you need a high dose of it.

Some of the desserts that you can order online and enjoy within the comfort of your home:

  1. Cupcakes: The tinier version of cakes are cupcakes. Cupcakes are frosted with icing and toppings, making them as delicious as a cake. You can order cupcakes in sets of two, four, six or twelve as per the requirement. A single cupcake is sure to satiate all your cravings and induce enough happy hormones required. You can also keep a check on calorie intake. After one, you can stop.
  2. Jar Cakes: Cake failures have given rise to this delicious recipe, jar cakes. Jar cakes are crumbled cake layers with whipped cream packed in a jar. The best thing about jar cakes is that you can devour them for a couple of days. A spoonful or two is enough to delight your taste buds. For midnight cravings or stress eating, jar cakes are the best choice. You can choose to go healthy with it by choosing a banoffee jar cake, fruit jar cake or nutty jar cake.
  3. Pastries: Another baked sweet treat that everyone likes. If you feel a cake will be too much, you can go for pastries. Pastries are either glazed or have a rich cream layer on the top. You will find whipped cream just like the cake and toppings like a cherry, chocolate marble even inside the layers. So, it’s kind of similar to eating a cake slice.
  4. Muffins: If you do not like icing on your desserts, this is a good alternative for you. Muffins are baked without icing with the goodness of fruits and nuts in them. Dark chocolate muffins are baked with chocolate pieces or choco-chips. This savoury dessert is good for health because of the fillings and the dark chocolate flavour. You can eat these with your evening tea. Muffins can be baked with dried cherries and fruits as well.
  5. Brownies: A brownie a day keeps sadness at bay! You must have heard this, and that’s why we are saying you can eat a brownie when sad. Fudgy brownies are a dessert lover’s weakness. Brownies can be decorated in a number of ways like chocolate drizzling, sprinkles, fondant cuttings or even plain. As you wish, you can eat your brownies. The tantalizing flavours in which brownies come are to die for.
  6. Macaroons: Macaroon is a French meringue. The pretty colours are a treat for the eyes, and the chewy flavourful taste a delight for the taste buds. They are available in any flavour you can imagine, rose, lavender, hazelnut, caramel and even exotic ones. You get packs of macaroons, and you can relish them for over a week or so.

Enjoy your life to the fullest with these sweet pleasures.

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