How to Take Time lapse videos in iPhone

Although iPhone 5S allows you to take time lapse videos, But when you upload them into your Laptop or PC, the video doesn’t remains the same, It plays in its actual time, Other than that iDevices for Esport released before iPhone 5s don’t not have built-in capability to record time lapse videos, But There is a app introduced by Instagram that allows you to take Time lapse videos in iPhone.

Although iOS has improved so is the video and audio quality, iPhone allows you to take amazing pictures and great videos, You can use your smartphone to capture the video,But the most common issue that rises up while recording a video is stabilization, the videos recorded either on iPhone or iPad are often suffer from disturbance, turbulence and unwanted movements, Few of them can ruin your whole video.

The New app that allows you to take time lapse videos on your iPhone is called HyperLapse its developed by Instagram and its main purpose is to allow you to take time lapse videos, along with that it also has stabilization feature that is built-in, That means the app will automatically eliminate te turbulence that is caused by unwanted movement and provide you with an amazing video that will store your memories forever, With this app, even if you;re making professional videos you dont need to use a stand so that video can be avoided with unwanted movement, the app is intelligent enough to remove the movements and bumps in order to provide you with a perfect video, You can also include alot of features from the app aswell. Thus giving your video great cinematic feel. You can also check out a guide for turning off flashlight of iphone at Support Your Tech.

This app is very simple to use, You need to launch the app and tap on to the screen, It will start recording, While recording the app will continuously remove the bumps and turbulence caused by shaky hands and when you tap on the screen again the app will stop recording the video. the app also includes number of amazing features like ability to speed up the video by x12, Its user interface is very friendly even a lay man can operate it very efficiently.

Following are the features that this App has to offer:

  • You can shoot videos without tripod stand holding your phone in your hand while moving.while you’re walking, running, jumping or falling.
  • This app Smooths out your video for best quality with automatic stabilization.
  • You can use this app to play your video upto 12 times speed.
  • Hyper lapse can be used to Share your videos on Instagram or save them to your camera roll to share anywhere, at any time.
  •  No sign-up or account required for using this App.

This app is intrigated with Facebook and Instagram, So you can upload your video on your social networks and share it with your friends without any problem.Following is the video by Instagram on their App Hyperlapse.

Download this app for Free from here.

Do give us your Feedback regarding this app in the comments.I personally loved this app, Its a must download you guys should download this app aswell, Dont forget to tell me how is the hyperlapse app after you have tried this app. Instagram has put alot into this app you can judge it by the looks of the app.

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