Taking a Look Back at Fashion Ring Trends of 2020

Are you wondering about the fashion ring trends of 2020?

If you are a lover of jewelry, you know that some pieces are classics that will never go out of style and some pieces are trendy and fit perfectly into a certain time or era. Although stacking your jewelry wardrobe with classic pieces is a great idea, adding in a few trendy pieces can help you stay updated.

While trends come and go, you might find a trend can quickly turn into a classic look and style for your wardrobe. For this reason, keeping up with the yearly trendy pieces can be beneficial.

If you are wondering what type of rings were on-trend in 2020, here are several popular styles.

Vintage Rings

Vintage rings were one of the trending fashion rings of 2020. True vintage jewelry is interesting, each piece has a history that connects you to another time and place. However, modern brands created retro-inspired jewelry that was popular in 2020.

Hammered Metal Rings

Another popular piece of jewelry in 2020 was a hammered metal ring. Whether you love a large piece or something a little more dainty, the hammered metal adds a unique and interesting look. Stackable hammered rings were also popular during 2020.

Signet Rings

One of the more unique fashion rings to wear is a signet ring. These rings are a classic style of jewelry that made a comeback in 2020. You can wear a plain signet ring, something monogrammed, or a ring with an etched design.

Statement Rings

One style that was trendy in 2020 is a statement ring. The 2020 version of a statement ring has a bit of a twist with big and bold faux jewels and gems. If you are looking for statement rings, check out Dreamland Jewelry reviews.

Pearl Rings

One of the latest trends in fashion rings is pearls. While pearls are considered a classic, they made a huge comeback in 2020. Large pearl rings were all the rage during the year.

Tubular Rings

If you love chunky jewelry that makes a statement, you will love a tubular ring. These rings were very on-trend during 2020. These rings fit two different trends, rounded jewelry, and thick jewelry.

Full-Color Rings

One of the most trendy rings in 2020 was full-color rings. Bold, bright, and beautiful colors were popular in 2020 and a trend that encompassed all areas of beauty. Colors are great for invoking feelings, making your accessories stand out, and adding the perfect finishing touch to your look.

These Are the Fashion Ring Trends of 2020

There were several fashion ring trends of 2020 that still look great today.

These trends include vintage rings and hammered metal rings. You might also consider signet rings, statement rings, and pearl rings. Tubular rings and full-color rings were also in style during 2020.

These are just some of the fashion ring trends in 2020.

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