Teamhood vs Monday.Com Comparison

Well, when you choose a kanban tool or a project management tool, you have to consider several things. The reason is, that there are many Kanban tools available in the market today. Teamhood is a project management tool for high-performing teams. It is also based on Kanban principles. However, Teamhood is not the only platform that users can use. In fact, you can also choose Monday.Com. Speaking Teamhood and Monday.Com, let us compare these two project management tools so that you can choose which one is the best.

Teamhood vs Monday.Com

When you are dealing with a project and work in a team, of course, you need a tool that can simplify the process and organize your team so that their work can be completed on time and as expected. Well, you might choose Teamhood or Monday.Com. But, which one is better?



Teamhood is a tool that you can use to visualize your project on a single platform and every team member can access it. Tasks in Teamhood are divided into several categories such as assignments, descriptions, subtasks, tags, comments, and much more.

By using Teamhood, you can visualize the project with a sophisticated Gantt Chart so that the project can be completed on time. In addition, you can easily analyze your team’s workload and view live reports to review progress. It also has actionable Agile metrics that become more effective. Teamhood is perfect for small businesses or large companies.


Monday.Com is also known as a project management tool that is very easy to use. Using Monday.Com, you can choose a template for your project management. Also, you can create your own workflow to begin. Monday.Com allows you to plan, sync, track, and organize your team projects. In general, Monday.Com is also pretty good to use.

Teamhood vs Monday.Com Features

Then, what features are offered by Teamhood and Monday.Com? In general, both of these platforms offer many features. They also have some of the same features as Calendar management, customer management, Dashboard, Data Export, Data Import, Data Visualization, Gantt Charts, Multi-User, Notification, Scheduling, Task Scheduling/Tracking, Time Management, and Resource Management.

Meanwhile, there are some features that you might only find in the Monday.Com API, Batch Permission and Access, Budgeting, Contact Management, Contact Sharing, Expense Tracking, and External Integration. Meanwhile, you can’t find Collaboration Support on MOnday.Com.

Teamhood vs Monday.Com Summary

After we compare the two, we can conclude several things.

Teamhood is an excellent project management tool that offers visual project management, task and subtasks tracking, team roles and task assignments, time tracking and reports, Modern Gantt Charge for easy planning, Task description, attachments, comments, due dates tags, and much more, agile framework application, actionable agile metrics, email integration, and task import/export.

Monday.Com is also a good platform that includes primate and sharable boards, live comments, an automatic knowledge base, email notification, and replies, people tagging, and uploading documents with effortless image pasting.

In conclusion, which one is better between Teamhood and Monday.Com? Well, we can say that both of these platforms are very good to use. However, we would recommend you choose Teamhood because Teamhood is suitable for any kind of business project whether it is a small, medium, or even large companies projects.

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