Technological changes that have changed the world since Covid 19

As human civilization entered the world of pandemic, many technological changes have been witnessed in the society around us. Earlier people used to go to the land based casinos for playing different casino games. The entire situation changed with the advent of the Internet as people started playing online games right from the comfort of their home PC or office. The situation changed further with the arrival of the Smartphone in the market. It became very easy to play online casino games right from the comfort of lying in bed or sofa.

With the spread of the pandemic, people were forced to stay indoors as different governments announced extended lockdowns to contain the spread of the pandemic. Having nothing to do, people were found playing online casino games. To keep up with the trend, many online casinos have come up in the market and even the land based casinos have opened their online website. There are many casinos in Las Vegas which have opened their website so that their existing customers may not go to other casinos.

If you are new to the world of online casinos you should not jump into any online casino that comes along your way. You should remember that not all the online casinos are genuine and many have developed the bad reputation of running away with the people’s money. You should always play with a reputed online casino website like Casino Vegas plus where you can play safely and can also get good guidance.

This also proves the fact that people are going for contactless offices and this is a new technical innovation of the world as a fall out of the pandemic. We have seen the development of digital offices all over the world. In the United States, around 42% of the workforce started working from home and many employers liked the idea as they were saving a huge amount from their reduced office expenditure.

The increase in popularity of digital offices across the world is evident from the fact that the global video conferencing market has touched $7.87 billion in the entire year of 2021.

It has been found that almost 60% of the employers have found this concept of digital office to be very useful. Around 43 % stated that they are expecting to run their full business without any office space by the year 2030. It has also been observed that the employees working from home or so called digital offices are far more productive than those who are working from the office.

In a survey it has been found that around 50% of the employees have opined that they are ready to work from home and they enjoy it to a great extent. They can complete a document by having a cup of coffee and cake and also doing it from a remote favorite vacation destination. The concept of work from home is extremely beneficial to the employers and many big companies like Facebook or Tweeter have announced that they will go for this digital desk to a large number of their employees. This will help them to save a lot of money from their office.

The growth of online learning

As the period of Covid longevity is increasing, around 1.65 billion children in around 195 countries were sent back home as almost all the schools were closed due to the spread of the pandemic.

To keep up with the trend, various e-learning software, language learning apps and virtual tutoring have seen a huge increase in demand. In addition to that, many students without any Internet connection have been given access to remote learning.

It has been observed in a survey that around 95% of the students in Norway, Switzerland and Austria have got a computer to work and study from home. On the other hand, around 34% of the students in Indonesia have got a computer to continue with their studies at home. On the other hand, almost all the students in a well to do community in the US have got a home computer to pursue their online studies. While continuing with the spread of online education, it has to be seen that the inequalities to the spread of education needs to be eliminated at every stage of the process.

Massive growth of telehealth technology

The spread of Covid 19 has shown the spread of telehealth technologies and how they have managed such difficult situations while handling the Covid patients in every corner of the world. The growth of telehealth technology has shown how in many cases the hospital authorities have been able to connect with the remote medical experts, ambulance workers and the patients so nicely. All these technological advances helped to treat many remote patients. 5G technology also helped the medical authorities to implement remote treatment in a big way.

These technologies have helped especially the seniors to survive during the pandemic. With the help of remote telehealth technology senior citizens were able to get treatment at home and survive during the pandemic by getting high-quality treatment from medical experts.

Contactless business transactions

Covid has witnessed massive contactless business transactions starting from walk out shopping to touch free payment to biometric check in for accomodation in hotels and travel. It has been found in a survey that almost 90% of the customers in the US prefer contactless transactions. With the increased security system being the need of the hour, the facial recognition system is becoming an increasing necessity for ensuring safety in transactions. These useful and safe innovations are made possible with advanced memory chips and processors. Added to this, is the massive research work going on in the areas of Artificial intelligence and augmented reality which is going to make touchless payment more convenient.

Content based on Artificial Intelligence

AI is going to play a great role in our day to day operations and it is already doing so in many ways. It is expected to play a bigger role in the coming years.

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