Texas Gets $343 Million to Continue Oil & Gas Well Cleanup


The Biden administration has decided to distribute the money among various states to clean and seal up all abandoned oil and gas wells. Such waste wells are called “orphan wells.” These wells can release methane gas and other toxic chemicals that can mix up with clean and clear groundwater to contaminate it. This is completely dangerous for our environment and people’s health because water is something that people can drink at any time when they are thirsty without thinking about any harm. So, it is a good decision to close all the orphan wells. Texas gets $343 Million for the completion of this complex task. And money comes from Congress.

White House infrastructure coordinator Mitch Landrieu said that “Texas has never gone through this cleaning process.”

Benefits of this step:

The decision of cleaning up all the abandoned wells is not only good for public health. But also, this action will create job opportunities for labor. The government of Texas can hire labor to clean the wells and in exchange give money for their efforts. In this way, these people can earn money and run their house plus on the other hand, the wells will get sealed up slowly but steadily.

Why Texas is getting the highest amount of funds:

Maximum states are provided with the funds By Congress for this purpose but Texas is going to get the highest amount. Actually, there is a big reason behind this action. According to Biden’s admission, Texas lost more jobs in the oil and gas industry during the pandemic as compared to other states. And many people got unemployed. The unemployment ratio in Texas was the highest and that is the reason Congress is funding Texas the most. In this way, the environmental situation of the state and job opportunities both will get better with time and effort. So, in short it is one of the wisest decisions taken by the government for this state.

A specific federal program and create jobs for the public:

Rep. Lizzie Fletcher, D-Houston from Columbia University claimed that a specific federal program to clean and seal all the abandoned wells can create more than 120,000 job opportunities within your state. And if this happens the employment rate will exceed and everyone can live a good blissful life.

Fletcher Statement:

In an interview, fletcher said that “The highest ratio of job losses is being observed in Texas and in other parts of the United States where oil and gas are produced in large quantities. This ratio is not only alarming for the public’s life but also for the government as an economy relies on these natural resources. So that funds provided by the government at present and in future as well will create great job opportunities in the oil and gas industries. And other places as well like in orphan wells for the cleanup process. The creation of job opportunities will be the best source to come back in your original form after the pandemic period.”

Wrap up:

Biden administration has taken the best step for the removal of environmental hazards and improvement of economic conditions after the pandemic. Texas will get $343 Million from Congress. According to the latest reports Texas is already provided with a huge amount that they have used to clean and seal the abandoned wells. The remaining 6400 orphan wells will be sealed up after getting the remaining amount. All these steps resulted in the progress of the economy. And the betterment of the living standards of the public in Texas.

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