Thanksgiving Will Be the Death of Me

Every Thanksgiving, I try not to eat my body weight in meat and carbs, but controlling my appetite is easier said than done, especially when my nose catches so many scents!

My mom, who hosts our family for the holidays, knows how to impress, what with her outstanding recipes and fun, annual traditions. She always prepares moist, delicious turkey with fresh trimmings, and puts on Christmas movies for us all to watch after the meal.

Of course, even if I’m able to control myself during dinner, the nail in the coffin will be dessert: chocolate cake, homemade pumpkin and pecan pies, and eggnog to top it all off!

This all makes for an excellent Leg, one of the best times of the year to give thanks, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy an enormous feast!

I Deserve a Break from My Diet

I’ve been on a diet for almost a year. Thus far, I’ve lost 15 pounds, so I deserve a bit of a cheat day; Thanksgiving will be a perfect reward for all of my effort!

At the beginning of the year, I gave up my favorite foods—ice cream, soda, potato chips—for healthier organic choices that, while undeniably delicious, weren’t always satisfying. That’s why I’m looking forward to this year’s Thanksgiving; the food is always a welcome joy, especially when your beloved mom is the one making it!

Food Tastes Better with Other People

This year, my mother and I are inviting more family members than normal, including aunts, uncles, and distant cousins. The pandemic has made it difficult to meet with loved ones in person, but now that things are slowly returning to normal, it’ll be a treat!

It’s easy to take the holidays for granted, but this year will be different—I’m sure of it!

Catching Up with Family

With the sudden influx of new guests, this holiday season will be particularly hectic, but it’ll also be worth it!

So many people I know hate when others talk with full mouths, but my family doesn’t care; we’re going to be talking the whole time, spit-spraying and laughing, and because we’re all vaccinated, we’ll be extremely relaxed!

I have so many questions to ask my kin: how have they been handling things? What are their plans for the next year? Personally speaking, I can’t wait to travel again without restrictions. I feel like I can’t go anywhere nowadays!

No matter the holiday, my folks love to bust out the record player and put on vinyl classics, so I’m planning to go through my dad’s collection and pick some classy jazz music. There’s nothing like a little holiday nostalgia!

Taking Care of Two Turkeys This Year

Unfortunately, one thing that has bothered me for years is how much I look like a turkey! I have loose, dangly skin under my chin, a sad result of my age and weight. My diet has done me well, of course, but this turkey neck is too stubborn to go away.

I really want to wow everyone this Thanksgiving, so I’m going to get a neck lift. Self-confidence is one of the most important parts of any social gathering, and I really want to shine my brightest!

Wine and Board Games

After dinner, I’m going to break out a few bottles of high-quality wine for everyone to enjoy—except the kids, of course! —while we play some tried-and-true board games. Most families I know are quick to fight over Monopoly or Trouble, but we keep our cool, and don’t let petty disagreements get in the way of our fun!

Wine is one of my greatest passions, especially because there are so many kinds! Plus, you can easily pair them with certain foods. I’ll have to do some research to figure out which particular vintages are best paired with the cheesecakes and pies I want to serve.

Thanksgiving is all about sharing and appreciating what you have, and wine, games, and holiday cheer will make the night so much more rewarding!

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