The 10 Movies with The Best Merchandise
  1. Star Wars

Iconic movies that have created millions of science fiction and space fans around the world, it’s no surprise to see Star Wars at the top of this ranking. In addition to being iconic and known around the world, the Star Wars license is perfectly used when it comes to merchandise of all kinds. From the figurines of the first starships seen in the movies to Baby Yoda from Mandalorian, Star Wars has always known how to cross the times and offer new things to their old and new fans. A perfectly established license that still has a long way to go, as do its products.

  1. Marvel Movies

It is impossible to talk about superheroes without mentioning the pillars in this field, Marvel. The Marvel cinematic universe is the absolute example of how to make money with movies and their derivatives. This is thanks to a large universe allowing them all kinds of creations for decades and also their ability to appeal to all age groups. An incredibly efficient recipe allowing them to sell costumes to the little ones as well as Thanos glove or cool graphic tees to the older ones. So it’s not surprising to see Marvel movies so well positioned in this ranking of movies selling and having the best products.

  1. Frozen

We have just talked about movies that appeal to children as well as adults, now we will talk about a movie that appeals so much to children that the result is almost similar. We are talking about Frozen which was a real tidal wave released by Disney Studios. Thanks to their usual animation recipe accompanied by music that has become world-famous, Frozen very quickly revealed itself as a money making machine in different ways such as with clothes and all kinds of plush or figurines. Even today, Frozen is still making millions of dollars a year for Disney.

  1. Jurassic Park

Before Jurassic Park the dinosaurs were appreciated and quite famous but still a niche or archaeologist thing. After Jurassic Park everything changed, dinosaurs became exciting for everyone and we all enjoyed discovering the Tyrannosaurus or the Velociraptor today known by everyone. And when your business revolves around such cool and exciting creatures, it’s no wonder that it becomes so easy to sell merchandise. That’s what the franchise has done perfectly, offering all kinds of products like action figures, clothes, LEGOs and many other things.

  1. Batman

Surely the hero with the best universe in terms of environment or storytelling, the Batman movies have today a huge fan base all over the world and are always highly anticipated. This is thanks to a universe with a graphic style that is very different from that of other superheroes, a difference that has made the saga so successful. Batman is also very good at selling merch, thanks to the many things that are inseparable from this character, such as his vehicles, his accessories, or his costume. Things that offer various opportunities to the license to collect as much money as possible.

  1. Harry Potter

Surely one of the most famous characters in the history of cinema, Harry Potter and the series bearing his name has not finished pleasing and selling merchandise. Iconic films that have marked an entire generation and that for many have grown up with Harry. This was probably not in J.K Rowling head when she wrote her books and yet Harry Potter is a gold mine in terms of merchandising. Whether it is with the different factions, costumes, wands or others, the Harry Potter saga offers an incredible diversity to sell all kinds of products from its universe. A diversity and many fans that easily makes this iconic license enter our top.

  1. Toy Story

When the heroes of a movie are the merchandise themselves, no wonder the business is so profitable. Especially when these movies are made in a superb way by Pixar and Disney with perfect sequels and exploitation. Every child watching these films dreams of getting the action figures from these films that were a turning point in Pixar’s history. The marketing stunt of selling toys with toys was probably not the original plan for these movies, but it worked perfectly and few children today have not had toys related to this license at home.

  1. Spider Man

When you think about it, making a superhero based on the phobia of millions of people might not have been a great idea, and yet today Spider Man is one of the most beloved heroes in the world. Easily crossing eras and generations, millions of children become fans of Spider Man every year and wish to fit into his cool costume. And it’s also the case for adults, it’s not uncommon to see videos (often bizarre) on social networks of people wearing the costume of this superhero climbing on walls and throwing webs with his hands. A must-have license that makes Spider Man an excellent license to sell merchandise.

  1. The Lord of the Rings

When the Lord of the Rings came out, we all took a cinematographic slap, especially at the time. This is because of the things and techniques never seen before in movies and that made us fit perfectly in this rich and unique universe from the books. The fantasy style of the Lord of the Rings makes that the saga has many accessories specially created for its universe that it for the costumes, weapons etc. Things that make the Lord of the Rings has no problem to sell all kinds of products related to its universe and still generate a lot of money even years after their release. Very diversified products like board games, clothes, or mugs.

  1. Cars

In the same spirit as Toy Story, the success of the derivative products Cars are quite easy to explain. We start with a very well-made movie by Pixar, and then we mix it with things that all little boys love, the little cars. The recipe is repeated several times with sequels of the saga and here we are with one of the most profitable licenses in history. But the success of the products derived from the cars movies is not limited to the little cars, with their very recognizable graphic styles, Disney knew perfectly how to exploit all type of products as clothes, scooters, or circuits. A huge success for boys that can be compared to the success of Frozen for girls, it just lacked the world-famous song.

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