The 3 best neighborhoods for retired couples when looking at real estate in Allandale! 

When looking for the best places to move to in Austin, TX, you need to make sure you choose the best neighborhoods for you! 

Ensure you select a professional who can help you find the best houses for your lifestyle and budget, along with ensuring you have plenty to do outside of work, like cycling, running, exploring recreational opportunities, and shopping at one of the various retail streets.

Learn more about the best neighborhoods for retired couples when looking at real estate in Allandale. 

The 3 best neighborhoods in Allandale – look to move to Austin!

Allandale is a neighborhood that is a part of Austin, TX, with a population just under 10,000 people; however, this small and friendly neighborhood is often considered one of the most excellent places to live in the entire state! So, if you are considering moving to a quieter suburban side of Austin, this could be a good option for you. Furthermore, with close proximity to downtown, without being too close to the negatives like noise and pollution, you should seriously consider relocating here as a young professional – or even a new retiree

With many neighbors having strong relations with one another and providing a family feel, you will feel comfortable moving here and being a new person on the block. A tight-knit community with restaurants, shops, cafes, and bars, this is a fun and vibrant spot to relocate. As a retiree, you can take solace in the suburban feel and quieter atmosphere than downtown Austin. 

Barton Hills

One of the neighborhoods that is nearby to Allandale and comparable in friendliness and perks is Barton Hills. Barton combines the perfect blend of nature and city proximity, with convenience to the Barton Hills, Barton Springs Park, and the Barton Creek Greenbelt, the ideal spot for cycling and running. With quiet streets, a residential feel, and an excellent school system, this is a good spot for retired outdoor enthusiasts and families.


One of Austin’s best communities, you should consider purchasing a home here when you look at real estate in Allandale. Buda is a good choice for those who want a quieter lifestyle that has a small-town vibe. In addition, this neighborhood is suitable for those who enjoy small-town living with an easy work commute with a historic district and brick homes.

Cedar Park

The final neighborhood that you should look at when viewing real estate in Allandale is Cedar Park. This area, located on the northwest edge of Austin, has many companies, communities, and shopping options that make it a good spot for transplants moving here to begin working at a new company. Also known as a great place to raise a family, this neighborhood is safe, provides classic suburban living, and has extensive houses for big families or retirees who have saved money over the years! 


People looking to relocate to Texas have to look at real estate in Allandale to find suburban and family-oriented neighborhoods. Some of the best choices for friendly options include Cedar Park, Buda, or Barton Hills! When looking for a new and safe area for retirees, make sure you have a safe atmosphere, plenty of outdoor opportunities, shopping options, and other recreational choices to do on the weekend without work! 

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