The 5 Best Places To Buy A Motorcycle Battery

Have you ever faced any issues while starting your motorbike? The majority of the time it is due to the battery. Hence it is important to get it checked regularly. If you are familiar with the concept of these batteries then you would have come across its various types as well. Generally, there are four types of motorcycle batteries you can find: lead-acid battery, gel battery, AGM battery and lithium-ion battery. The lead-acid battery is known to be the oldest and most reliable one. If you are considering the price factor then you would find it as an affordable option. The only advantage that you can face with this battery is leakage. At any point in time if your bike meets with an accident or damage then the sulfuric acid may leak from the battery and cause serious damage.

AGM battery is known to come with dry cells which do not ask for any maintenance or cause any leakage. You would find it a bit higher on the cost but being compact this would be the best option for street machines and sports bikes. Here comes the third option that is gel battery which is similar to the AGM battery. This battery is filled with sulfuric acid jelly and silica which does not cause any leakage or does not require any maintenance. The only disadvantage other than being expensive is its slow charging capacity. Talking about lithium battery that come in the solid-state and these are perfect for your exotic supersport machines. After discussing these types, you would have a question in your mind about its purchase. There are tons of options available to buy the batteries however it is important to buy from the right source. Here is the detailed guide that would help you to find the right place to get the battery for your motorcycle.


There is nothing that can not be available on Amazon and many of us love to shop online due to the price factor and the convenience. It is applicable for buying the batteries as well. You can check various options on amazon and decide on which one would be perfect for your motorcycle. All you need to do is to select the right model for the battery and it will be delivered to you in a couple of days. Here you can also check the customer reviews before placing the order if you have any doubt regarding the battery.

Advance Auto Parts

Advance Auto Parts is known as one of the most well-known options for motorcycle batteries. They are in this industry for many years and hence you can trust them regarding the quality. You can also explore many options here suitable for your bike. You would simply need to visit their store and get the right one for your motorbike.


Here comes another popular option where you can consider buying the motorcycle battery. You would easily find the Walmart store in your neighbourhood. Walmart is known to be a general retailer and they stock a large number of batteries in their store. You can talk to the trained staff here to get to know all the details regarding the battery. You can even get the details regarding the overall function and the durability of the battery. This would be the best option for you if you are not comfortable buying the batteries online.


Costco is known for its memberships and it is known as one of the largest retailers in the world. Here they guarantee quality products and if you are looking for a physical store to buy the batteries instead of buying online then Costco would be the best option for you. The only advantage with Costco is that they do not have a variety of batteries like Walmart or Amazon. Here they sell only one brand, the Interstate brand of batteries. You can get a warranty of up to 42 months depending upon the model that you choose.

Pep Boys

Pep Boys has always been known for its quality products. This store was founded in the year 1921 and is known for providing the after-market parts at the best price. If you are looking for a motorcycle battery, additional parts or replacements then Pep Boys is the best place you can consider.

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