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Solar technology continues to expand and is cropping up in design, along highways, and even in custom logos. If you’re building new, the chance to add solar collection tools to your building design or even add it to your patio awning is quite exciting.

Solar Fabrics

If you’ve ever put up an awning to shade space and keep it cool, you know how intense sunlight can be and how much it can warm up windows, furniture, and a patio surface. While it’s still in the development phase, there is technology that offers to turn that awning fabric into a way to not only create shade but to generate power.

In addition to shielding your windows, this fabric appears to be clothing-friendly as well. Put your phone in your pocket and go for a walk while your shirt powers up your electronics! This fabric technology could go a long way toward reducing the expense of solar panel installation.

Solar Integration and Solar Skins

The technology of solar skins is all about making solar power unobtrusive. While traditional solar panels are generally blue or black, solar skins can simultaneously turn sunlight into power and display the image of your choice. Solar skins are also not mounted on rails, so they have a lower profile. If you want your solar panels to match your shingles, you can easily make that choice! Businesses can add solar skins that display their logo as well.

Additionally, designers are creating ways to integrate solar collection panels into building facades. The impact of building-integrated photovoltaics offers the chance to normalize solar power collection.

Solar Collection and Noise Control

If you’ve ever driven down the chute of a road surrounded by traffic noise barriers, you know that things get loud on the asphalt. While these noise barriers are necessary, they’re not necessarily pretty and rather single-function. By adding solar panels to these barrier walls, metropolitan areas have the chance to harvest power and reduce noise pollution.

Emergency Solar Backups

If you suffered power loss during the polar vortex of early 2021, the idea of grid-tied or even off-grid solar panel kits may sound like a terrific choice. With an off-grid kit, you have the chance to power small heaters, keep your pipes from freezing and bursting, and protect your families.

You will need batteries to make this setup work if you have a grid-tied system; the off-grid system comes with its own battery bank. For your safety and for the protection of your property, such a kit may be an ideal investment.

Split Cell Panels

In the early days of solar, your panels were either on or off. If there was shade on the panel, it wasn’t collecting. New technology and updated panel design mean that your panel can be partially shaded and the uncovered area will still be collecting power.

While a shaded panel won’t collect as much power, the power of a parallel connection means that a partially exposed panel can still add power to your home and batteries.

Adding solar to your home and business reduces your vulnerability if the grid goes down. As seen in 2021, the power grid never goes down when the weather conditions are ideal. Protect your family, your employees, and your investments with power from the sun.

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