The advanced guide to buy Samsung refrigerators

Samsung refrigerators are known for their smart features and innovative technologies, especially popular with millennials. As of 2020, the South Korean electronics giant experienced a 50% rise in online sales worldwide in the 3rd quarter.

Moving ahead, the brand is reportedly aiming at targeting customers with personalised designs and features, including software customisation. To opt for such upcoming options or choose from existing products, customers need to have a detailed knowledge of refrigerator specifications and how they affect their functioning before buying a refrigerator for their household.

Following is a detailed discourse on the most prominent Samsung refrigerator features and how they can help you make a suitable purchase.

  • Refrigerator capacity

Samsung refrigerators, just like those from any other brand, are available in a variety of storage capacities. These are generally indicated in litres and specify the quantity of eatables that can be stored.

While a model with up to 100-litre capacity can suffice for a bachelor, a family with up to 3 members would require a 155-250 litre refrigerator. Similarly, families with 4-5 members can opt for fridges with up to 350 litres of capacity, and very large families with more than 7 members can opt for huge capacities like those between 550 and 850 litres.

An individual’s storage requirements can also vary irrespective of the number of family members. For instance, say someone with a home-based bakery business would require a refrigerator with ample space.

  • Preferred door style

Refrigerators come in an array of door styles, such as mini, double door, French door, side-by-side, triple door, and single door refrigerator. Double door refrigerators can again be classified into 2 types, ones with top freezer and the others with bottom freezers.

Customers can select a door style according to their budget and the arrangement most convenient for their usage requirements. You can find a variety of models under each type with different prices and capacities in the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store.

  • Energy rating

The BEE has made it easier for consumers to gauge their appliance’s energy consumption with energy ratings. This is one of the primary requirements if you plan to use your refrigerator for long hours, which is generally the case with most households.

Generally, a model with at least a 4-star rating is considered remarkably energy efficient.

  • Defrosting technology

Traditional Samsung refrigerators make use of natural convection currents, also called Direct Cool technology, to preserve food items. This method of concentrated cooling without any external support can lead to non-uniform distribution, often leading to freezer burns.

To prevent such ice formation, users have a manual defrost option that they need to operate regularly. While this is an energy-saving solution, it can be inconvenient for many. Frost Free refrigerators, on the other hand, use directional electric fans for even cooling and do not allow ice accumulation in the first place. The latter option is, however, a more expensive and power-consuming variant.

If you wish to purchase a samsung refrigerator which is frost-free and within your budget, consider using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. It allows customers to divide their entire purchase amount into easy monthly EMIs without any down payment.

  • Compressor type

Compressors are the most important component of a refrigerator and can be broadly of 2 types, general and inverter. The age-old general compressors function by starting off at high speeds and keep up with the same till maximum cooling is reached.

Thereafter, they need to continuously switch on and off to maintain refrigerator temperature. Inverter compressors, on the other hand, start functioning at low speeds and then adjust the speed according to the cooling requirement. This mechanism allows refrigerator models with inverter compressors to save on operational costs, although coming at a higher price.

Finally, budget plays the biggest role in helping you choose from Samsung refrigerators. The different categories of all the features mentioned above vary remarkably with the price bracket you are opting for. Additionally, look out for the warranty, and advanced features like smart technology, if your requirement demands so.

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